Hubby woes

Hubby ”darling… why are you so engrossed in your startup.. so much that you do not even bother to spend time with me”

Wife ”darling… the startup is trying to build an AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool to give tips to women about how to ensure their husbands or boy friends begin loving them all over again”


common sense management

do not try to do things which you do not know if you are getting paid for the work

learn from mistakes of others

do not try to boss around, if you are not knowing the subject

do not try to step in your boss’s shoe if the boss has not asked you to do so

do not keep waiting for your love, if the love is not been returned for years

do not complicate your life with multiple thoughts..


life is just about organizing small little aspects here and there and all will be fine..


Call of Nature

Jay ”hey call of nature is such.. it is uncontrollable always ”

Manoj ”self control dear.. most important”

Jay ”am developing an app to find the nearest toilet in vicinity”

Manoj begins laughing

Jay ”common.. we find vehicle parking important.. we find hotels and malls too plotted.. why not toilets?”

Manoj ”folks use malls to go for loo only”

Jay ”do you know our country will 1 billion population.. inspite of all those cleanliness drives  really do not understand how many really use public toilets?”

Manoj ”why?”

Jay ”call of nature is my initiative…


a bag of life

all empty in beginning

add an item here

add an item there..

full and overloaded in no time..

remove an item here

remove an item there

trim and sleek in time

a bag of life

choose an item here

choose an item there

all cannot fit in one bag

need to discard few

need to accept few

do have some space left

the space needed to

let items breathe fully.

a bag of life


depends on us

what we treasure

what we discard


Soul Binding

the greatest binding in life is nothing but our soul’s binding to our heart and mind. If the soul is loosely binded to mind, we become mindless and if it is loosely binded to heart, we become heartless.

PASSION is all about binding soul to the purpose of life..  why does an entrepreneur continue pursuing their goals zealously? it is because of their belief that some outcome will surely come..

Money making insights typically distances the soul from the heart and maybe even mind at times.. and then may be success stories may get flashed all over, but where is that PASSION to disrupt and make a world class innovation?  Have never observed any investors really bothered about disruption.. they are purely seeking return on investment.. For them the Stock exchange is better place..  We do not need investors who just wish to invest as angels to get their returns through subsequent funding.. we do need entrepreneurs who wish to be like employees in garb of founders and loose zeal when all is lost..

binding soul to heart and mind will make a person focused on a purpose of life.

Little Joy kept wondering why her father was so passionate about PASSION till one day she found that her love for kinderjoy was to delight her taste buds and joy of her father was to delight the heartbuds and mindbuds.




Some suck blood, some taste blood

Sam ”It is a sucker’s world..  and …I will tell you this short story

The class students begin laughing..

Sam ”do you know.. many a time.. the employees abuse their managers, CEO and even Directors that they such blood”

All students nod yes..  most of them have worked in reputed companies and are here sent by company to hawn the skills..

Sam ”one day..  a 20 plus employee came with a strange proposition to identify suckers and tasters.  The employee felt the ones who tasted blood  would eventually end up sucking blood..   so it means.. once an employee proves its mettle.. the employee will soon be saddled with more work.. more responsibilities.. and the poor performer and that employee both may just have marginal difference in salaries”

Sam ”the 20 plus employee built one AI application to identify managers who are perfect suckers and soon realized these suckers were themselves sucked just a few years back”

Class student Rose ”Sir but what is the story in it?”

Sam smiles

Sam ‘story is that the 20 plus employee analyzed that top 10 CEOs of the world were having knack of good sucking skills”

Rose ”but what is the story?”

Sam ”Rose.. and the 20 plus employee because Sam…   Sucking Any Mortal”

Rose ”what.. Sir was it you.. show us the AI tool”

Sam ”for that all u need to do is just make a database of all potential suck threats.. means where a person will begin feeling exploited”

After 2 hours..

Rose ”Sir… 10000 plus vulnerable points of exploitation”

Sam ”which is the most vulnerable point where sucking is eminent”

Rose ”heart’.. all who work with heart tend to get sucked more… and all who work with mind tend to taste blood and then they loving sucking”

Sam ”precisely..  if your heart is strong.. you will get sucked less… always remember this”

Rose ”what if mind is weak?”

Sam ”sucking model finds heart and mind both are directly proportional.. weak heart.. weak mind.. strong heart.. strong mind”

All clap and students laud the psychology session taken by Sam