Trillion Vision, Million Dreams, 1000 Realities, 100 Issues, 8 Focuses, 1 Differentiator

Focusing only on the positive aspects to make some dreams come true for some set vision
1) Stop differentiating individuals on basis of religion
2) Encourage backoffices more in rural areas which in turn will boost employment
3) Have more opportunities for internship created
4) Education has to be affordable and meaningful and it makes more sense to further disrupt the same and bring in micro education systems by reducing years of graduation itself and focusing more on practical experiences for minimum 2 years
5) Industries / NGOs can help in identifying minimum 5 digitization opportunities which creates a big pool of painpoints for solving the same.
6) If import taxes curbed and more opportunities for exports identified, it will boost the manufacturing sector.
7) There should not be more alterations to GST, It may impact consumption, inflation.
8) Planning large scale infrastructure projects is not a need as it really gets meaningless if consumption pattern itself gets reduced.

1 Differentiator – Changing Mindsets.
Am piloting whatsoever is possible within individual constraints to bring in some small little mindset changes for everyone for point 1,2,3,4,5 Need more collaborators

Important facts of Human

Important facts of Human?
Human have God’s gift to utilize all senses. We have a powerful brain which is better then a super computer too at times and can think, react, learn to differentiate between right and wrong. Our heart can not only fall in love or hate, but we can express through all our senses and organs to ensure it gets effectively communicated.
Now why and how a human can become a beast?
It is when we stop actually having our brain stop listening to heart and only believe in impulses or get into a strong emotion through our all senses reacting to other person’s feelings or group people’s feelings and stop thinking logically.

Can we stop becoming beasts?
Absolutely if we allow our mind to be more controlled.
That will help the heart be in control and every view will be moderated by the brain.

What about passive followers?
They have allowed the mind to follow other people’s mind only because their heart is over reactive to impulses of other people’s heart and feelings.

What about active individuals?
Voicing opinion, reactive or proactive communication of feelings or flow of information again is more of heart feeling about a subject. The brain is getting tuned to that thought and will follow the heart
Hence important to always think good, do good for peace.

Startups need to understand economics of running a startup

Startups need a Minimum viable product/service along with

1) Tactical guidance

2) Milestone based investments

3) Cashflow Management with balanced budgeting covering development, marketing, implementation, documentation, security, process, hardware, infrastructure.

4) Stable team composition

5) Market Linkages

6) Approach to give ROI (Return to Investors)

Valuation will happen in the journey. Many entrepreneurs begin focusing on raising investments covering huge burn rates.

Rs10lacs = US$14000 roughly.
1) Startup spending Rs10lacs/month of which Rs5lacs is management overhead.

2) Startups spending Rs2lacs/month with Rs1.5lacs as marketing overhead

3) Startups spending Rs5crores/month on technical team with 10lacs/month on marketing.

If you observe all of above examples show imbalanced budgeting. Please revisit your budgets.

I have been helping many startups understand, reduce costs and also optimize profits through market linkages. Some startups understand it, some argue, some continue.. but nevertheless unless a balanced budget not planned, no startup can ever get good results.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all friends here.
PASSION completes 22 years of its focus on grooming students from rural areas / small towns who cannot afford high cost education. We help them work on couple of internship projects and eventually they get job opportunities.
Membership fee is near free or 500 to INR 6000 bucks.

We welcome more and more students to work on real time AI projects with us.

Our startup ecosystem has been doing well, where in less then 1000US$ per month, we help set business for companies in India and includes website development, hosting project management, software development, digital marketing, sales, product promotion, HR interventions. More costs if project need larger canvas. For few we have even done it at 500$ per month.. Goal is to build a strong entrepreneurship, research ecosystem
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We have been benchmarked as on par with top 10% accelerator programs with reference to competency development


Expression of Speech and Action
Timely to address issues
Involving People
Zealously to help empowerment
Enabling the deprived
Nuturing them to
Self sustainability

What is needed today is not a chaotic revolution, but a systematic thoughtful approach towards solving a problem of any person who is not covered under any umbrella of a country or region or anything.

Population also is a strength, if we perceive it in right way. The real need is to check how we effectively plan natural resource management.

1 Trillion economy need more productive people, in millions. No amount of speeches or discussions or debates will help us reach that goal if the HR gets weak in any system.

Basic duty of HR is to manage home resource productivity, skills, identify training gaps, skill them and empower them to scale up. Focus should only be on that.

Bottom line is ‘never talk of exits if something is intended to grow rapidly’. ‘never talk of exclusions, if we need more demand to get generated’. Exits and removals emerge only when focus is only on stabilization what we have and not focused on growth. It contradicts growth requirements.

Peace rules

Peace rules

1) Peace is a hard earned attribute which needs nothing but silence.

2) Reducing noise is possible by eliminating reasons for noise

3) If someone understands the reasons, still decides to not reduce, the noise gets amplified further leading to deafness.

4) Eyes can tolerate the unrest, but with tears it may just get shut leading to blind travel to unknown. Hence though outward in peace, someone will be restless overtly over some issue.

5) Spoken words if misconstrued can lead to noise and again silencing the voice may bring in peace, but the soul remains restless.

PEACE RULES = Never disrupt anything but with patience, explore the logical reality and publish the same with all findings. If people are logical, they will understand and if not, they may also get deafened, blinded and silenced by the noise.

Evidence based management can give peace