Not in Synch with Profession

Samuel a compulsive leave taker had a problem.. He just could not sit more then 4 hours in one place.. By profession a clerk.. This habit of him was totally not in synch with his profession..

One day.. a client comes to bank..

Client Jack ”hey you seem to be restless with this work”

Samuel ”how did you guess?”

Jack ”look at your sitting style.. you are not occupying the whole seat too”

Samuel ‘seriously.. I want to leave this job.. Am not cut out for sitting job”

Jack ”meet me on weekend”

At weekend they meet at restaurent

Jack ”do you see all these waiters.. all standing job”

Samuel ”how can I do it?”

Jack begins laughing

Jack ”dear.. take up a job where you will be needed to communicate, travel.. maybe a product launch trainer”

Samuel ”oh yes.. that i would love too”

Jack ‘we human for getting salaries.. take up any job not in synch with what we like.. and then the problem begins”


Sum up

“Sum up life in one sentence..  ” George the professor asks questions to all..

Mary ”it comes unexpectedly I guess and goes unexpectedly”

Rafi ‘it is a journey and opportunity given to us to do what we can”

Susan is silent…

Professor Harry ”Susan! tell me what you think”

Susan “just geting abused by my own family member and nothing else”

Pin drop silence..

Harry “Susan! Life is not about being silent unless you were born with a defect.. but to express your views and see how it can be addressed…  ”

After the class…

Harry ‘”Susan.. I will be your guardian from now on.. just come out of your step father’s house”


Susan bursts crying..

20 years later

Susan ”Sir.. am going to advocate welfare schemes for ones who express their most secretive problems”

Harry ”good dear..”

Susan “am also getting a grant”

Harry “Cheers.. now how you sum up life”

Susan “life is a purpose given to us to solve a problem faced by us”

Harry “cool”



sky is the limit

every day the sun rises and sets, but what exists between that is an opportunity to re-invent self if required, hawn skills and just get going.. if someone already reach the zenith.. absolute cool.. but even for a star, the sky is unlimited.. the universe is too big above and even too big below.. hence, there is always an opportunity to create opportunities for others.. sky is the limit.

Little Notes of Lollipop

I am sweet

I am happy

All suck me

All consume me

I melt always

The little stick remains safe

as it is not sweet

Am I an employee dear..?

The normal employee,

who just needs to listen

who just needs to be sucked,

hence I decide to be an entrepreneur,

Now the stick I make,

The lollipop too,

A hopefull wish

I cannot do it..

You have heart

You have mind

You have soul

why you wish to be like me

a lollipop?


Jun mouji

Jun mouji..   a man who travels in India, world all over to identify business and marketing opportunities only to find his best friend Man Mouji uses his mind and uses power of face book and google ad to generate business.

Jun Mouji ‘this is not done.. I spent multi million trying to build a brand”

Man Mouji ”who asked you to do so much..  finally social media does every thing”

Jun Mouji ”but I have earned multiple followers, good will and brand too”

Man Mouji laughs

Man Mouji ”dear.. everything will vanish if we focus only on loitering all over.. without any achievable goal.. you are not a wanderer dear, you are not also a celebacy.. you are…  you know whom you are…”

Jun Mouji ”but look at overseas.. same story there..all traveling all over”

Man Mouji ”personal touch most important but your product should sell dear.. not through travel, but through its purpose”

Jun Mouji ”am propogating good times will come.. it will come.. am so convinced”

Man Mouji ”dear.. all know good time will come some day or other.. but why you trying to convince so much… focus on what you are supposed to do”

Jun Mouji ”oh yes.. I forgot I had to create employment opportunities too”

Man Mouji  chuckles ‘look at me.. so many startups posting their job requirements.. am rather trying to do.. what you are supposed to do”

Jun Mouji ”common.. you are just a site”

Man Mouji ”never understimate.. the power of ….””

Jun Mouji “Jun Mouji”