An overzealous captain of college decides to chalk out an career of politics.

She has the enthusiasm to solve issues and one day she joins an eminent leader and begins advocating the leader’s thoughts.

She is now popular and in her zeal announces a business.

Business of solving problems.  She is soon getting funds from her business till the time the leader mentions that for campaigning they need funds. She expresses her desire to be a minister. Leader accepts her fund and her desire. Elections come and she is now a political entrepreneur. The leader now asks for funds again. She says to the leader “please submit a project proposal as it will give a direction”


PASSION for POWER is a weapon which needs to be carefully used else you will get misused.

so I pray all to have PASSION for HUMAN SERVICE which also is a weapon which will always be used and carefully used if the purpose is true.

Big Boss in office Micky Mouse at home – An entrepreneur dilemna

At office a pin drop silence, the entrepreneur has arrived and is serious in the board-room meeting, then funny during lunch but the staff out there meekly listening or even interacting and giving feedback but with great diplomacy.

no one wants to loose job. The entrepreneur designs a marketing strategy and begins collecting inputs from his colleagues. There are difference of views but the entrepreneur convinces the colleagues why the strategy should sell. the campaign launched. to surprise, it fails. The entrepreneur shouts at all for not being true to him and informs the team that they are reactive and not proactive.

He reaches home and finds his wife staring at him furiously and she informs to him

“you are so much in love with self when you fully should know that you should not love your opinion but take team inputs and business is all about team work, why did you listen to me for this strategy and felt it will work for you?’. I was talking about another sector altogether and you decided to implement in your sector assuming you would get more success then me.

So next time don’t bring business discussions to dinner table. Eat food now as I have made it with my own hand and remember to not think of business the next two days as it is new year and I want to give you teddy bear hug.

the boss meekly says “yes”

Any conflicts have some dimensions and PASSION existed in this entrepreneur too, passion for him to succeed and do better then his wife. An ego which is the negative energy of SELF ACTUALIZATION in Maslow’s theory of motivation. But the wife had control on him and she again bought him back to “PHYSIOLOGICAL NEED” by giving him love with a hug.

Just a new insight into home drama’s in an entrepreneurs world. –  a fictitious story though 🙂


Celebrating Victory

Each story has a positive or a negative end. Victory to one force always leads to defeat to other.

So is business all about winning a deal or is it something beyond.

A professor taught me an important lesson

All of us need cash but he said in reality we need to have KASH and CASH will follow us automatically.


So please striving to get KASH to celebrate continuous victory.

Political Entrepreneurs

We keep wondering if politics is really a career for educated masses. It is if we stay focused and have someone from family take care of our basic wants and needs.

Entrepreneurs as such need to be politically correct on many occasions and have risk taking capabilities. So if anyone with a deep interest towards society improvements decides to begin throwing active opinions on day-to-day issues and also begins getting respected for the same, the person is now on way to move towards politics for society.

A story now…

2 friends were partners in business, one girl came in their life and both fell in love with the girl.

To make things simple we name partners as A and B

The girl was deeply attached to a partner B. Worried the other partner A decided to act fast, motivated the girl to start a business where both partners would have stake in the girl’s company.

To surprise of the guy whom the girl fell for, the girl asked for 50% stake which left both partners with only 25%. Partner B felt the girl should be given 50% and Partner A felt she should be given 33.33%

Theory of Equity Participation at its peak for conflicts.


Partner A smiled and had sign off in all the businesses they had carried till date and gave away full business to partner B and his girl friend.

Moral of the story : In business never fall in love else you may tend to loose a lot.

PASSION needs to be controlled here 🙂

The par

Synergy in Business

For any successful venture we need the right team and product with strong service oriented model

What is synergy all about?

The right rhythm in business where the music is played by the managers, dancing to glory is the team and the owner singing the song. The audience are the investors and they clap loudly if the voice, music and dance enthralls them as it is finally show business.

Business Synergy is demonstrating to the world that everything is in synch and if it really happens internally too, it is the most exciting work environment where you should work.

A startup environment like this would be best place to be in.

A song

Start up o Start up

Shake a bit

Mix a bit

Shake a bit

Mix a bit

Start up o Start up

Happiness around

Love around

Sweet commanding

get back to business

start up o start up


Be a Detective for Success and Be out of box to be Super Success

Hip Hip Hurray. There are so many web sites out there, popular ones. We can imitate the most popular one and get successful if we wish to.

Exploring and surfing, seeing the web analytics a group of youngsters decide to imitate a site

‘HORROR STORIES”. The first story written is of a crazy business man who creates a tool to generate various fictitious characters and build conflicting themes using them and a new ghost story emerges every day from those characters. It is a game and for the first time launched in Europe.

Soon the stories become a big success and the theme is carried forward and imitated in USA, India, China and all the countries. HORROR OF HORRORS, HORROR DRAMA, HORROR CIRCUS and so on.  Curiosity and Risk taking capabilities, it makes a smart entrepreneur a detective who only wishes to succeed. Discovery theories at full work and imitation plays a vital role for success. All copy right and patent protectors trying to catch hold of all these entrepreneurs who are out to imitate each other till the time a clever girl thinks of a unique solution to catch all the imitators who have formed the HORROR GROUP.

She comes up with a concept of mixing stories through a tool to create new interesting horror stories

A new mixer which gets shaken to generate stories and scripts. Mix of old wine and new bottle.

Soon we find a rush of all producers, directors and script writers, also bloggers to use the tool for creating new stories.

Her name is  MISS HORCUS RORMA (a mix of all words from the HORROR GROUPS.

She becomes a super success thinking out of box.


So remember the CREATIVE theory is what makes you an ICON. So choice is yours.

Please keep reading PASSION FRAMEWORK to understand various dimensions needed for entrepreneur success in may be poetic format, story format, scientific way and sometimes as horror driven as here.


PASSION can be horrifying it the negative energies engulf us so always ensure we have positive energies in us for all kind of success.

Case study and its relevence in PASSION FRAMEWORK

Once upon a time, in a far off land, there was a guy who got humiliated by a police and then went to dock yards and the story of negative PASSION began. He is one of the most wanted perceived criminal but is hero worshipped too. What exactly could have triggered his PASSION for POWER?

Once upon a time, in a near land, there was this group working on technology and small assembly software development but the vision of pushing the small in the big existed, the person soon began a successful role model and re-wrote IT and then moved on to be a society contributor. What exactly could have triggered his PASSION for HEALTH?


The first example was of a person who knew the system as his father was working in police and knew the loop holes and gaps and built a business out of those gaps. It is a classic example of DISCOVERY theory and heavy risks associated in this model.

The second example is of a person who knew the importance of small innovations but had to use a mix of DISCOVERY and CREATION theory by also having an underlying IMITATION principle to come up with a unique product appealing to masses.

Innovation begins when the product which is being imitated has constraints and the whole invention is to overcome those gaps, hence fits the creation theory.

Why two radical constraints given?

PASSION FOR POWER – IT COULD DAMAGE THE SYSTEM – It is the other side of MASLOW’S THEORY where over obsession for self actualization leads to actual self idolization and then the down ward trend of ANTI-SOCIAL, ANTI-SAFETY and ANTI-Physiological need engulfs mind of person. So it is indirectly going to affect the individual’s health

PASSION FOR HEALTH – IT WILL ENHANCE THE SYSTEM in long term as the SELF ACTUALIZATION IS ACTUALLY MOVING TO PATH OF LIBERATION through contribution to society. More innovations, More Discoveries, More Searches, More Researches, More products will get developed.

Hope you enjoyed this stark contrast and understood the theories of DISCOVERY AND CREATION.



So in case negative energies ever gulf you in your discovery process, step back, understand that you were created to do only meaningful positive contribution to man kind.

INNOCENCE – a poem to be shared with beloved during weekend

I never knew how our eyes fluttered

Naïve of its reflexes

Naughty and mischievous

Obvious to observer

Callous of world

Eyes expressing emotions

Nurturing thoughts

Curious for

Everlasting friendship


We are always innocent at birth and various dimensions add and we tend to loose our innocence.

Remember your first love and you will realize how you felt then and hence again begin loving with same innocence if you lost love, not in love or plan to love or already in love. 🙂


My best friend wants to start a business. Needs an investment of US$3000

My beloved wants to start a business. Needs an investment of US$3000

I have only US$750 spare for future investments.

My beloved says ‘Am sure you will help me out’

My friend says ‘Am counting on you’

Should I take a loan and give both of them US$3000 each and make them happy?

Should I take a loan of only US$2250  and make my beloved happy?

I decide to make both of them happy.

I tell I will build a site for them in US$250 each and help them in their business plan.

Both my friend and beloved happy.

As they get involved in plan, I spend another US$100 each to help them set up a partnering firm. 🙂 I am a partner too.

I am left with US$50 only. I spend US$25 with my beloved on a movie, US$25 with my friend on a lunch.

I check with them if they have some funds, They nod and say they do have US$500 spare with each.

I ask both of them separately, can they purchase the each other’s service.

They agree. Now both their business has turnover of US$500.

They begin using the services. Again I ask can they both identify one contact who would be interested in each other’s service.

My beloved identifies a client for my friend. US$1000 a deal, My friend identifies a partner for my beloved’s business US$10000 contract with a 50% royalty given to my friend.

Lol My beloved’s turnover US$5500 and my friends makes US$6500

My friend gives me US$500 for my service, I give that to my beloved

both earned  US$6000 each.

what they gave me??? I was a 50% partner, so I made US$6000, they each made US$3000. I had invested US$500 on them, I got a 12 times return.

If you are lost in this mathematical game????????? then love comes first

If you are lost in this game of love?????? then you are my friend from now on