Mad Nomad

Mad Nomad        

The life of a NOMAD begins with search and ends in settlement The life of a MAD begins with settlement and ends in search
All our life we explore and reach to a conclusion or finding or results and when we see the conclusions not giving us expected results even if we are in the best of comfort zone we again explore.


Intense Love – an intense prose for Intense Lover

Intense Love        

the eyes kept seeking love
the love kept seeking passion
the more it separated
the more it pined
the eyes kept seeking love
the love kept seeking passion
the more it questioned
the more it cried
the eyes kept seeking love
the love kept seeking passion
the more it got loved
the more it smiled
the eyes kept seeking love
the love kept seeking passion
the more it wished for more moments
the more it hated me

Cloud which failed to give rain

It was humid, sultry and the cloud over me; was hoping it rained but after a while the cloud moved away and rain never reached me or my city.

In our life we aspire a clean journey and in n number of occasions we see a cloudy atmosphere where we wish the outcome is known and we come out of that atmosphere at the earliest. However nothing happens and you also find the atmosphere clearing by itself.

Did you come across a troubling time in your life? Am sure all did. So have patience and wait for the right time.

Sometimes the cloud may not also give any outcome or result but till the period the cloud exists; you will remain restless.

So relax and wait till you get a clear signal by the unknown.  Don’t get depressed and dejected.


Am I marketing it too heavily? Sorry but with all celebrities taking over twitter and face book, I rely on WordPress to press my keys and get going blogging. Just kidding.

Gold Diggers Formulae for Success needs Patience

Dig and Dig and get into the depth;

Search and Search and find the item

With patience you will find the gold

Security is your main motive

Happiness is secondary

With compromise you move ahead

Still all is well.

If you can show your care and compassion

the golden goose will remain yours

so with patience the gold digger

can achieve what it wants.


Human needs when it increases beyond their capacity to digest, they tend to become gold diggers and nothing wrong in being gold digger however need to have patience as the gold will surely give results one day

Peace and Piece

When in pieces we think of peace

When in peace we think of reasons for those pieces

Life can be broken to pieces by internal and external environment and we have to remain peaceful identifying reasons why it happened and take things in our stride.

The pieces are your own so don’t loose those pieces and again get going by carefully picking all those pieces together; uniting your soul and body and moving ahead in life peacefully.

Society as we are

Society where people don’t believe in other people, where trust ceases to exist, where joy and sorrows are not shared generously, where noise exists but many don’t like the sound. Environment is least looked at and what we see is how we get returns from everything.

The structure of society is defined not by anyone but us and we can change the society if we wish too.

So think of a community theme and keep bettering the theme and see how we can help the people in the community to work in union for common cause.


Welcome to Circus – The Demo day

Excitedly awaiting results, a group awaits their turn for presenting self on demo day.

Questions asked “Traction???”, “Team????”.”Target???”,”Turnover???”,”Transaction??”

Pat comes a reply “KOTLER said 4 Ps”, “What is this 5 Ts??”

Loud Laughter among Investors they echo “It is TODDLER requirement”

The group puzzled says “TODDLER?”

One of the investor “Kids between age 1 to 3”

The group look at each other and say “So we are toddlers” and burst into laughter and say “Hence our product is only for kids”

The investors look at the presentation and see a diaper and again confirm “Are you confident of the diaper business?”

Pat comes the reply “We collected US$1 as donation and in turn gave 3 diapers each to kids who didn’t have diapers”

The investors look at each other and say “Social Entrepreneurship”. “Wow.. All the best for your endeavors”

The group moved to other investor “Jose”

This time the group become smarter

Jose asks “Since when you are in diapers?”

The team look at each other and say “Ages”

Jose isn’t amused and says “We don’t fund teams which work on product for ages”

The team is now in front of last investor Miss ‘Rosy”

They are nervous to the hell

Rose looks at the presentation and begins smiling and says “Why you think of seeking donation?”

The team says “What else we can do?”

Rose mentions “Tie self with a retail web site and instead of them putting investments on advertisements the retail manufacturers can make diapers with advertisements pasted on it”

Team looks perplexed and say “Yes Yes we do agree”

Rose then takes out ROSE PERFUME and sprays on the team and says “Do you like the fragrance?”

Team full of shyness echo “Yes”

Rose says “It is my company’s best perfume. Will invest in your venture and let us discuss with the manufacturers to put ROSE logo in all diapers”.

Team wonder and look zapped

Rose orders ROSE MILK for all of them and says ‘So will all of you give me ROSE on the valentine day?”

Team say “Surely MAM we will give rose flower to you”

Rose says “I was talking of first lot of ROSE Diapers to be distributed to poor kids”

Together they shake hand.