Love at times can make individuals do something which may look madness

“Waiting for the girl to return from college class and then following her all the way to her house vicinity and returning back and repeating the same process for over 60 days”

On 60th day the girl gets curious as to why the guy not seen today…

The guy jumps from behind and hands over a rose to her and whispers “I enjoy guarding you from the love chasers of this world”

The girl is silent and thinks in her mind “Can Love be so crazy?”

It does berserk a mind if heart is lost out to someone.

If you don’t wish to believe this, attempt falling in love and enjoy the chase if it is single sided love.


Mr. Oak had a fascination for gems and would collect precious gems from all over the world. He was generous and believed in charity. Every year he would organize grants for NGOs and Researchers. He believed that one day he would identify a gem in a human being.

He was getting old and before he reached the unknown abode, he wished to identify at least one gem who is a human being.

He declares a grant of US$5M to NGOs who will be able to identify individuals in society who are

1) Non corrupt

2) Have achieved significant performances in past 5 years with evidences

3) Contributed to a society project freely for past 5 years with evidences

4) Have a simple living style but who still enjoys the world and is go getter

5) Has chalked out a road map of self education for self for next 5 years.

The NGOs begin wondering what is the logic behind this whole collection of set of humans.

The global search begins. It includes people from all walks of life. Many NGO officials whisper among themselves ‘How can anyone prove they are not corrupt”

Oak says ‘Do you understand the process of purification?’

NGO coordinator Pamila say ‘Yes we do understand that’

Oak ‘What is it?’

Pamila ‘Give the object a treatment and purify it’

Oak ‘So don’t stop searching even if one parameter is missing out it should work out’

Oak soon gets a sample of 1 million records across world and he puts his data analytics team to work and to surprise finds 0 results satisfying all parameters and over 30000 satisfying at least 4 parameters, 60000 with 3 parameters and Oak decides to stop..

Oak looks at the sky and tells loudly “Do you know God. I collected gems of all types, purified and even have many museums. 30000 fulfilling only 4 parameters. How to cleanse them to have all the 5 qualities?’

Oak gets an idea ‘Let us network them and give them tasks’

Oak networks all of them..

After 12 months, he again asks the NGOs to collect data

He gets only 5000 records and none satisfying more then 2 parameters.

He looks at god and says ‘I made a mistake. Gems need to always be looked in isolation and never put them together as if we do that, they are now an ornament which can be put by many but its uniqueness is lost’

Moral of the story: Don’t set too high expectations for people around you and your own self, in Imperfections identify perfections but set a tolerance limit and move ahead. We are not here to give a 100% pure gem, we are here to identify the gem in us and at least utilize those potentials to an extent that it begins appearing 100% pure. The hard work in that journey is what which gives the results rather then the gem itself.


Retrospecting Questions

Question to all

1) When did you last smile?

2) When did you last slept peacefully?

3) When did you stop worrying about your body shape and ate to hearts content?

4) When did you last laughed whole heartedly?

5) When did you last met your best friend?

If you score > 60 days lag period  recommendations – Am there for you as friend and please smile back immediately

If you score > 30 days lag period  recommendations – Am still your friend and others too are dear to you, please reduce the lag period

If you score > 15 days lag period recommendations –  Do have a very nice weekend and laugh whole heartedly thinking of the new advertisement where a baby is born and cuts its own chord and then seeks a mobile and searches using google as symbol to celebrate internet era.

Life is all about RETROSPECTS too which we need to do at specific milestones and learn from them and move ahead.

Unending Tunnel

Painful as it is walking all alone, stranded in darkness. The speed of cars racing near me. Can be hit anytime but walking alone’

All was fine and the vehicle was perfect but it decided to break in between. None around, A truck zips fast too closely.

No one around to help as I appear to be a potential robber who could rob someone off in the tunnel.

Waling alone just about to reach the end of tunnel, search light zooms near the eyes.

Tired of the walk, the eyes look upwards to find a big vehicle screeching to a halt not allowing me to exit

Moving back, again walking, a fleet of cars surrounding me…

Am in middle of tunnel with no exit route…

The strangers near me and I whisper in their ears…

The vehicles give way to me, I come out of the tunnel alone..

the whispers were “I am in trouble today so you caught me, but I may be your solution provider if you leave me as I will help all of you get jobs if you wish to move in right direction”

Sometimes in our life we will come across strange circumstances where we feel cornered from all sides. we need to stay where we are and may need to get flexible and compromise to move ahead as finally survival is vital and only if we survive can we think and act..

Survival for the fittest compels an individual to decide a path for self and only after survival does the other creative pursuits of life follow us or we follow them.

So be tough and survive hardships to pursue creative goals.

Happy CEO

Phone ringing

CEO hearing

loosing client

laughing aloud

declaring loud

exit now

Progress reading

CEO nodding

managers silent

CEO laughing

declaring aloud

find a buyer

Investors hearing

CEO pitching

Pin drop silence

Investors laughing

Investor commenting

“Are you mad?”

CEO laughing

declaring loudly

“I was mad”

relying on managers

relying on you

CEO laughing

declaring aloud

closing business

starting again


Aura O Aura

Frieda was a happy go lucky 8 years girl and she loved to learn magic. She had a natural flair for learning the tricks of using her hand and fingers to create an illusion of 100 balls when she in reality had only 2-3 balls with her.

Frieda’s parents were not too keen to have her pursue magic.

Frieda would fantasize herself as the top magician who had multiple followers and she dreamt huge applauses for her every day. She believed she had the potential in self to be a magician.

One day when she was playing her tricks, a lady name Delba visited her. Delba had an access to top notch magician who was a celebrity and conducted shows. Delba asked her if she could participate in those shows.

Frieda informed her parents and reluctantly they agreed.

The magician Clutter was a very senior gentlemen who looked at Frieda and smiled

Frieda ‘I want to have an Aura similar to yours’

Clutter  ‘What you believe has to be re-enforced in your soul, body, heart, mind and each organ of yours’

‘The belief should seep into your blood’

‘Assume you are the most beautiful kid in this world’

‘Assume you have a few body guards around you and you are having a safe 5 feet distance maintained from each bodyguard’

‘Assume you are smiling to the world’

Frieda ‘Am I getting hypnotized’

Clutter ‘I unclutter the complexities in an object and make them simple’

Frieda ‘What is all that. I am a child. I cannot understand it’

Clutter ‘You love to be magician. Study only that. Don’t study the other subjects till you have not perfected being a magician’

Frieda ‘My parents will kill me’

Clutter ‘I will inform your parents. I promise you will learn other subjects too’

Clutter interacts with Frieda’s parents and Frieda’s parents decide to take that risk for Frieda’s happiness

10 years latter, Frieda has demonstrated a space magic successfully where she has demonstrated the use of two mirrors to create infinite depth of sky and deep inside there is a single star, a shining blue star and the audience can see Frieda’s face in it and her body disappears.  A very complex trick and it receives a standing ovation.

Frieda has also learnt other subjects and she has graduated from Open Schooling and Distance Education.

Frieda is being interviewed by a TV Channel

Frieda ‘Believe that you will be successful from today. Create an Aura of Success around you. Create an Aura of Hope around you. Create an Aura of Positive Energies around you and also inside you’, ‘You are the master of your own destiny and your own journey of life’. ‘Respect your mentor and pursue your dreams. Only the ones who pursued their dreams get more success. Aura is an opportunity which is available to all. A poem for all you

Arose your dot

Unleashing energy

Round around you

Aura of Success

Arose your spirit

Unbelieving Failure

Round around you

Aura of Happiness

Arose your body

Urging Soul

Round around you

Aura of  fitness

Arose your potential

Urging Mind

Round around you

Aura of fame




Striving together

Building together

Love birds

Weaving together

a heaven

Comes a thunder

a part broken

Sadly together

Awaiting sunrise

Searching together

a foundation

building again

Comes a tiger

shaking tree

dispersing all

soulfully together

binding together


water proofing

stronger foundation

nest again

comes an egg

loving together

nurturing it

a happy family

now together


Family can be shaken up, can be separated, can have a storm come in but if the family is together, if couples are together, they can withstand the storms, separation, shocks and still survive and again rebuild the family.

In this poem the family is two birds who only knew one thing that they had to build the nest no matter what the obstacle.

If you have any dream, idea or are a struggling entrepreneur, don’t give up. please continue to build your nest