Mr. Sugar  was sweet by name and by nature. He ensured that he would get feedback for improvements from his family members, his colleagues and now even in business from his customers.

He had a toy manufacturing unit and loved to design various games for kids.

Slowly and Surely he started finding repeat in patterns of testimony. To check if indeed it is genuine, he started providing different type of games away from what was raised in PO to the retail outlet units. Some of them were defective too. To his surprise again he found the same appreciation. He wondered why is this happening…

He reached out to a shop and observed the sales..

A family of 4 rushed to the shop and the kid was happy seeing that game. It was SUGAR BRAND and then another manufacturer had coined a similar game and there was a price margin.. The other brand had given neat work instructions on how to play the game. SUGAR BRAND had a good wrapping but the game had lesser instructions as it was assumed the kids would pick the games quickly.

The family made a choice “SUGAR BRAND taken at home”

Mr. Sugar tracked the family to understand whether they really played games..

At home in the family

Father “Hey I really don’t know what the hell this game is all about? It does look sleek and nice though”

Son “Father.. you are gone old. Wait let me play”

Son struggles and the game breaks..

Son “Papa am sorry.. the game was so sleek. I guess I am too young for it”

Next day father donates the game to a NGO..

Mr. Sugar reaches the NGO and finds the game picked up by the NGO Head who demonstrates the games to poor kids..

NGO Head “I repaired the game and now it is fine” to his subordinates.

Mr Sugar returns back to his office and sends a mass email to all his customers “Only Genuine Feedback accepted. To please me and my products, you write nice things and you never even understand our product. All this help desk services are of no use if we cannot actually build a need based product or understand user experiences to develop the product. Please support me”

To his surprise again the testimonials don’t reach out..

The NGO Head visits Mr. Sugar and says “Sir, I have a good idea. Let me begin a training center where in I give free training to the kids. It will be me and my team and we will put these games in Shopping Malls..”

Mr Sugar agrees and the NGO Head begins taking daily feedbacks..

Mr. Sugar is happy that he is getting true testimonials and not fake praises..

His products begin to improve in user interfaces and usability.

Moral: “Just don’t go by face-value, reach to the masses and check what they really want. Test run your product before an aggressive launch”

Mid Level Principles

Principles or Rules which balance us between theories and reality.. Mid Level Principles act as stabilizer to build the foundation of any relationship.

I and You are reading together a book. What is the common factor between us? Both of us strangers Right!. It is the book which binds us together. We can comment on the book, agree or disagree and finally we finalize a certain scope for further interaction.

What is the scope? a book review or a comment sheet or blog review..

We are now on a common plane and building a foundation for a product which helped us get together in first place.

Is Scoping too difficult?

Obviously yes. Am like the foot loose athlete who just knew how to win the race but paid no head to the neatly drawn boundaries, and kept running only to find I did flaw and lost the race.

As Human, we seek money, we wish to grow in life but may just move out of the boundaries and at the end of life or career realize we lost ourselves in this game of life.

Shouldn’t we set our mind to understand those boundaries and mid level principles which is neither too rigid and nor too flexible but without those you may remain an individual who knew the theory but could not practice well.

Information is Understood but Experience gives a more better Knowledge…

I see a couple with drinks and smoke in their hand, an instinct says go and inform them “Vices are Injurious to Health”, going closer I realize they were the successful entrepreneur couple who had a successful deal closure.. It is party time. My eye meets the angel investor’s eyes and he smiles. I go slowly to him and ask “Why such mad rush to stop a business in between?”

He whispers “Don’t wait for things to end, but rather let things end in a proper planned way”..

I ask “So as soon you nurture and own a baby for a while, you will sell it?”

He whispers “As I know I wont be able to grow it further. No harm in adoption, transfer of child in Business. It is different from human relationship. Mid Level Principles change. Here we are knowing that a business entity is not having heart or mind, it is us, we build these units so selling is the only way to give returns to investors”

I ask “So should we be insensitive to humans in those ventures?”

He calls 10 of his colleagues. All smilingly come..

“Manuza, James, Joru and all others. did you make big bucks in the last deal?”

All say “Sir we never imagined in 5 years, our lives would change. All of us are now opening an Angel Fund House”

He takes to the mike

“Attention Ladies and Gentle Men, I wish to sell my another venture soon. Any takers?”

To my surprise, there is a group of VCs clamoring to him..

I am pushed aside/ He whispers in my ears “Don’t be emotional. Mid Level Principles are Ethics and Morals which can be balanced in proportion we feel to make a potent and sell our selves”

He whispers “Are you not a consultant who sells self to a client for stipulated hours? I sell a business, no harm in selling a product then selling self”

I realize that at the end of all this journey, what may remain with us are memories, our experiences and our good will which we can share with people who are willing to listen.

Serial Entrepreneurship is all about Selling Self to Grow Self.

Ice Cola Sweet Heart

30 years back, in a remote hill station in India, I witness the charm of a hand cart business man, smoothly churning out shelves of ice and then putting it in glass, pressing it galore and whoops, a stick inside, an ice lump with only stick.

Wait a minute

“Dear Sweet Heart, which flavor you wish today. Green, Orange, Cola, Rose, Strawberry or Mix???”   Brinda asks the small kid Chickoo

Chickoo “Mixed flavor Aunty”..

The handcart business man happily gives 1.. After I while, Chickoo “Aunty, can I have one more?”

Brinda “Ok Dear”….

Brinda “Hey what is your name?”

Cart Business Man “Monu”

Brinda “Monu, why cannot we package this. I have an idea, we will use the transparent containers small ones and brand it and create an outlet all over the world”

Monu “Brindaji  Bahut Acha Hai Ji, Log kya bevkoof hain ji jo Monu ke ice cubes lege?” (Brinda, Idea is Good, Are People Mad to take My Ice Cubes?”

Brinda “Oh will it not work?”

Monu nods NO “Brindaji Market mein bahut se hain, ghar gharon mein fridge hain ji”  (Brinda, In Market, so much competition, in each house hold fridge is there”

Brinda “Ok, then what can we think, I am obsessed now, Something I wish to do with this blessed ice”

Monu “Sir Thanda karo ji, gussein mein aap lal hogayi ho”  (Please cool your head, with anger your face is gone red”

Brinda “Monu, kuch toh batao?”  (Monu think of some idea)

Monu “Ek machine mein baraf rakhenge, aur use lall, peele, neele ras.. in all cinema outlet ji”

(We should make a machine, from where on putting a coin, adequate ice cubes come and a person can choose the flavor themselves”

Brinda “Wow, yeh hui na baat ”  (Wow now it is an idea)

Brinda takes Monu to a manufacturer and they design the machine with slots for coins to be inserted..

Brinda then begins visiting all gardens in Delhi and requests few of near by shops to have that machine

Monu in the meanwhile thinks of bringing in quality to his flavored colors and gets it FDI (Food Development Authority) approved..

Brinda spends over Rs 5 lacs  (US$10000 on this) and puts 3 machines, rest she blows on making pamphlets in nearby societies




Soon Brinda begins getting orders for marriage parties, she gets more funds and has identified more outlet

Monu is her 20% Partner..

Chickoo “Aunty, when will you partner with me for my Chickoo Milkshake Idea?”

Brinda “What is it?”

Chickoo “Chickoo ko Dudh mein dalo, aur uspe chocolate milao aur uspe vanilla / chocolate ke icecream”

(Put Chickoo in Milk, and Put Chocolate Flavor over it and then Vanilla Chocolate ice cream as top up)

Brinda “Chickoo tuh chota hain” (Chickoo you are young)

Chickoo “Padhai toh karunga, par business bhi karunga” (I will do studies but will also do business)

Brinda fills business proprietary firm for Chickoo and the lawyers begin laughing

Lawyers “Child Labor / Child Business professional illegal in India or any other country”

Chickoo “Tujhe partner banau kya? chal 5% per cent tere, sub court mein ice cream ke gole aur chickoo ke dudh”

“Should I make you guys my partner at 5%, in all court we can have ice cola and chickoo shake sold”

Lawyers begin smiling

Lawyer Anand “Chickoo is smart, Let us have this firm in Brinda’s name till Chickoo becomes 18”

Chickoo agrees and today Brinda is in USA age 60, Chickoo is age 40 and the Ice Cola guy is age 50.. All of them in USA enjoying Burgers and also Milkshake

Chickoo “Our Indian business is done so well. we didn’t get opportunities in India hence we didn’t become Mc Donald else hum bhi kisi se kam nahin” 

(Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin) (We are also nothing less then others)

(Spirit of entrepreneurship in USA is the largest and greatest and other countries need to learn from them)


Twenty Five Plus Doses

John was a chemist who had started business after completing pharmacist course. He is fifty plus and one idea struck him. He suggests  25 doses of energy to pep the spirit up in an individual. He is applied for a patent and has also tested this formulae with over 100 individuals.

1 – pray for 5 minutes every day

2 – meditate for 10 minutes every day

3 – clean your body every day

4 – brush your tooth every day2

5 – smile every moment if given a chance

6 –  when in anger, stop reacting, take a paper and start writing. or get to blogging

7  – watch a humorous cartoon serial every night before sleeping

8  –  have a good nice walk every evening…

9  –  breakfast heavy, middling lunch, light dinner.. and then a walk

10 – have intimacy or think intimacy  before you sleep

11 – never think you are alone, so always keep interacting on phone or chatting if you feel lonely

12 – Think of a creative hobby and pursue it

13 – Keep upgrading your knowledge

14 – Warm bath before sleeping can cool you well.

15 – If in stress, use a big ball and keep playing with it pushing it up in air and again holding it.. at least 100 times

16 – When in quarrel, don’t react, only smile and sit aloof for a while till noise subsides.

17 –  When in work, focus on work and forget everything else with only 4-5 max phones you can attend to..

18 –   6- 8 hours of minimum sleep

19 –  6-8 glasses of water every day

20  – An apple a day or a fruit a day without fail.

21 –  A green vegetable and salad in the evening

22 –   Cool your eyes with cucumber or potatoe slices 10 minutes at night

23 –   Turmeric powder with glass of milk every night before you sleep

24  –  Look at family photo and enjoy the togetherness

25 –   Love the game of Life and Keep Laughing at least once a day

and plus ‘Learn to Love Self and Respect Self before Loving Others and Respecting Others

John is creating short videos around these 25 plus doses and earning well. He uses various characters with same theme and has over 200 video’s..  His net worth is around US$5M. He feels he can contribute better. So even thinking of ways to stop tears after a while or bring in laughter at least once a day every day

Technical Defect

CM was an expert in solving technical problems related to mobile handsets. He wished to scale up his business and was coining a word to name his unit.

“MASTERO” the company name which specializes in solving all sort of issues in mobile.

CM (Cheso Meso) was a technology geek. He specializes even in resolving operating system issues

One day a client came with his mobile which had a unique problem. It would stop conversations after 30 second. All the settings in mobile inspected, but no where this feature existed.

CM “Is someone in love with you?”

Client Tressa “So many. But one crazy guy keeps messaging me.. I always cut him off”

CM “Why you didn’t block him?’
Tressa “I do like him as he loves me a lot?”

CM “So? he is troubling you and still you are enjoying his attention”

Tressa “None of your business. concentrate on your job”

CM “Nothing wrong in your mobile. You disconnect phone when his messages come and it stops your conversations with all”

Tressa “Why?’

CM “Every 10 minutes he is messaging you”

Tressa “I will take care not to disconnect..thanks”

CM looks towards his friends “Do you know the girl who just left? Nothing wrong with her mobile but the way she handled it”

CM “We sometimes don’t know to handle our own lives. We feel we have some technical defect. We then need someone to peep into our life and see where we are going wrong. Unknowingly the girl expressed her love for that crazy guy..”

Friends “Who was he?”

CM “Her hubby.. Treats her like a child.. just happened to glance through messages”

Friends begin laughing…

CM “Possessiveness is also a technical defect. hope all got it”


Freida was happily living with her friends in a far off hostel in Sweden. Her family had split when she was 6 years. Her father had got attracted to Elina and left his wife. Melinda her mother felt lonely and she fell in love with her Music colleague Joseph. Both the parents decided to support Freida for her education..

Freida believed strongly on her favorite teacher Mary’s word.

Mary “Submission to Ego creates only Distance”

Freida had created a prayer of her own

“Life is given by you, Direction too

Submission too but to only you

Life is given by you, Purpose too

Submission to Purpose my only goal

Life is given by you, Knowledge too

Submission to Education my only pursuit

Life is given by you, Experiences too

Submission to Destiny is the only solace

Life is given by you, Motivation too

Submission to you is Happiness”

Freida “Do you know Donald, we are in love with each other only because we submitted to each other”

Donald “Freida, what made you think on Submission so much?”

Freida “As a child, those conflicts and it was maddening. I was soon hating both man and woman. I could see the ambition, the up man ship, the I instead of We, Never a family. Heart broken, I had no other option left to go anywhere as my parents dumped me to this school and now am a professor”

Freida “Six girls staying together. It is fun. One doesn’t know cooking, One is lazy to clean the room. One is always wishing to grow up in the ladder, the fifth is in love with entertainment and the last that is me philosophical. Together we are magic. It is getting late, have to rush”

Donald “Is there no ego between you guys?”

Freida “We have accepted our weaknesses. You know me, I know a bit of cooking, a bit of music but mostly seek solace in writing and thinking”

Donald “Can you stay with me?”

Freida “No Donald, am happy the way it is. I can submit self to you so soon”

Donald “I am hurt. We are together as friends for so many days. Only today I asked you and am surprised by your philosophy”

Donald had met Freida in a college workshop. He was the head of the department where Freida works.

Next morning in College

Donald “Freida, am not happy with your performance, There are complaints from students. Am surprised”

Freida “How is it possible? Am their favorite teacher
Donald comes closer to Freida “Submit Self Dear. I love you a lot”

Freida “Is it because am not submitting, all this?”

Donald angrily “Freida, don’t correlate things. there are genuine complaints”

Freida “Do you wish me to leave this college?”

Donald “I didn’t say so. Your wish”

Freida resigns and begins thinking “Why does Ego ever come. Is it an Egg which can be cracked or Is it a Stone which cannot, Why do we get PRIDE, why do you get happy when someone praises us or Sad when someone abuses us? Why these feelings and Why are we submitting ourselves so much to those feelings which give us only pain”

Freida is shaken by a small kid who is her neighbor’s kid

Monty “Aunty. My Mom says I should call you Aunty, but I wish to call you by your name? can I?”

Freida “Why so? why not aunty, am 15 years elder to you. you are 10”

Monty “I like you a lot. I saw you thinking, so wanted to ask you ‘Freida why this sadness?”

Freida “Monty, focus on your studies and play”

Monty “Ok Mummy coming. am going off”

Next day

Monty “Mummy sending me to a German School. Am separating from you. Going far away, I had no option but to submit to my parent’s thought process”

Freida “You should. You are lucky. “

Monty “Why so?”

Freida “Nothing, I never experienced parent love”

Monty hugs Freida and whispers “Freida, is it my first wave of teenage crush. I keep think of you”

Freida “Monty, as a kid, we keep thinking of such things, it fades with time”

Next day Monty leaves for Germany..

10 years latter Monty has grown up to be a handsome youth.. He is mastering in Psychology with specialization in Entrepreneur Behavior Sciences

He googles Freida’s name and finds her to be working for reputed Entrepreneur Research Institute

He visits the office and tells the front office personal “Want to meet Freida?’

Official “She is holding a high position. Why are you taking her name?”

Monty “Sorry.. Freida MAM”

Official calls up Freida and she realizes it is Monty the kid who loved her..

Freida “Send him in “

Freida “Monty, you have grown up”

Monty “Madam, you look the same, beautiful, simple, soulful. “

Freida “Am so happy to see you”

Monty “My parents expired. All alone now.. No one to look towards”

Freida “Am sorry.. then how you managed?”

Monty “Your prayers,. I kept repeating it every day and it gave me new hope, new belief, I had your photo in front of me when I prayed”

Freida “Hey am not god, am human. These days I research on Entrepreneurship Dynamism and how it can be improved to generate growth in Europe”

Monty just goes and again hugs Freida

Freida pushes him..

Monty “Are you having ego today as you are a big person?”

Freida “No Monty, it is not correct”

Monty “Social values, Human values, prayers we do to get happiness and solace. My solace is seeing you”

Freida “Didn’t your crush subside?”

Monty “I didn’t let it subside. I kept remembering you in my prayers”

Freida “Am confused with life, my department head whom I loved and trusted but didn’t submit as I wanted time to answer, hurriedly he got nasty and I ended up hating a MAN more”

Monty “Freida Mam – life is only submission in your own words”

Freida “Don’t call me Mam dear. I feel awkward. I am happy when you call my Freida”

Monty “Coming for lunch?”

Monty and Freida go for lunch

Monty “Will you marry me?”

Freida “Hey I never felt that way. Am older to you and you know how it is. Will create a scandal in the organization”

Monty “So now you have begun thinking of your status, your surroundings, your office”

Freida “please….”

Monty “

“Life is given by you, Direction too

Submission too but to only you

Life is given by you, Purpose too

Submission to Purpose my only goal

Life is given by you, Knowledge too

Submission to Education my only pursuit

Life is given by you, Experiences too

Submission to Destiny is the only solace

Life is given by you, Motivation too

Submission to you is Happiness”

Freida begins crying..

Monty comes closer to Freida and kisses her lips

Monty “Freida will wait for your decision”

Next day Freida meets Monty

Monty “What you thinking?”

Freida “I resigned. Deciding to submit to you”

Monty “Come lets go to a disco today and have fun”

Freida and Monty are dancing together forgetting their age, their status everything..

Love can happen any time, any moment without a pause. If boundaries exist, stop those moment there itself, if no boundaries exist submit to those moments there itself and enjoy the moments.