Thumb Ring for Workoholic and Workophelic

The thumbs were always up with a positive spirit till a ring fell over the thumb and a question mark emerged (Is it an engagement ring, spiritual ring, luck ring or positive energy ring. Pat came an answer “It is your home door key which is tired of waiting of you and is about to sleep and requesting let us go home at least now


Love Impulse

Love is an expression which comes to our eyes with a smile.

Our heart feels impulsive as the beats rise faster when we are near our beloved..

It settles only through a conversation or a reaction from the beloved..

Calmness comes when reactions happen or actions begin.

Love needs continuous reciprocation to reduce the impulses or calm the pulse beat..

A small little verse

Pulse as it was

A sudden gush of warmth

It began beating heavily

The beloved got worried

Assuming am fainting

took me to doctor

as he touched me

and my face over his hand

the pulse got normal

The doctor smiled

and said

Just love her

and she will be fine”

Eco Pledge

Nancy was committed in her goal to bring a revolution in the area where she dwelled from child hood. Her father specialized in mining was a consultant to iron, gold mines and also to the oil rigs. Every day she would find workers living in hazardous conditions and wondered how life could be bettered for the family members..

One day she meets Joe an Environment Specialist in a meet arranged in her college. Joe is a happy go lucky guy who loves to plant trees. He is in love with nature and by nature adventurous.

Joe “Nancy – the coals have made you pale in your life.. enjoy nature.. come out of those glum thoughts and just be in nature, The trees, the flowers, the sky..”

Nancy “Joe, half of these worker’s lives in mine.. No oxygen too…”

Joe ponders for a while and gives Nancy a sapling..

Joe “Can you plant this sapling near a mine?’

Nancy “Hey there are rules. We cannot damage the mine terrain”

Joe “Exactly.. Mines in USA, White Ash, White Pines when planted did very well”

Nancy “Anything better idea?”

Joe “Recreational Picnic for the Mine Worker”

Nancy likes the idea

Nancy along with Joe set up a recreational picnic programs for workers..

The program has a mandatory ECO PLEDGE program where Joe demonstrates Tree Plantation and together a family takes a pledge to plant 1 tree in any part of the world preferably in own society

Two years latter Nancy finds her match in Mike who is wild life conservation officer in a forest

Joe is sullen during the marriage function as he never realized when he started loving Nancy

He regrets not saying Nancy ‘I LOVE YOU’ ever.. Plantations were his life and here his heart feels barren.

Nancy “Joe – am handing over this venture to you, me and my husband moving to Africa on my husband’s assignment”

3 months latter. Joe gets a letter from Mike “Nancy is dead. Can you inform her parents”

Joe is shocked. He never dreamt this would happen.. He rushes to Africa..

In Africa he meets Mike

Mike “We could not save Nancy – she unnecessarily got into controversy with the local head who wanted to cut forests for a new resort”

Joe “So you are aware of even the murderers?”

Mike “I cannot do anything.. sorry. this land is different. Here rule books don’t apply. Dense forest, no employment opportunities, they would prefer to be in mines then in these forest areas living with animals”

Joe “I want to lodge a police complaint”

Mike “You can.. but am not going to fight any case. Am a government officer on deputation”

Joe lodges a complaint

The local head “I too want to put a complaint. “

Joe “What?”

Head “Unemployment leads to drug trafficking, prostitution, all type of crimes, even slaves emerge from here.. and you feel tree plantation is important when human’s itself don’t have any value”

Joe “Tree plantation is my passion, my own source of thought.. had you met me earlier I could have given solution to Nancy and you”

Head “What solution?”

Joe “Make an eco friendly resort within deep forest.. cutting bare minimum tree”

Head ‘Good point.. but now Nancy is gone. Not sure who killed her”

Joe returns back to USA and pens

“In Eco System to balance the same we have humans, animals, reptiles, insects, plants, water, air and earth. We never think of all aspects together and it leads to imbalance.  So in case someone is cutting tree somewhere, let a new tree emerge somewhere else.  Society environment needs to be evaluated in right perspective. I do love trees, I love plants, I love greenery but the world needs solutions to common man problems and in those problems too, how we preserve plantations is what eco pledge all about”

Nancy never knew her life itself would be sacrificed for this cause of Eco Pledge and Joe never realized that Eco Pledge would face such hardships..



At night 12 am who could have been ringing the door bell. Melissa is curious and even her husband and soon they find the door just opens and a rush of wind comes in..

It is a big wave and their entire kitchen utensils start rambling..

The wind had made the hanging wire press the bell and it kept ringing…

After an hour the wind settles and they realize the city was hit by an earthquake

Melissa realizes that whenever a tremor comes or a disaster happens, a tent comes to a rescue..

She begins designing tents for all seasons and decides to promote the same in all earthquake prone areas..

Her husband supports her for this venture and they get the first round of funding..



Baby steps..

Steps we take as we tend to fall as we learn to walk

At times we fall, at times we get up but we do attempt

As we attempt, we learn to balance and soon

we decide to even run

Happy with our achievement, we smile

and all smile that the baby learnt to walk

Mentoring entrepreneurs is all about helping baby take little steps to walk and then run in the business.


Half Baked Love Full Baked Entrepreneur

Monty “I only wished you could take over the apparel business”

Susan “Monty – never was interested in business”

Monty “I want to marry you damn it – for business then I need to find some other trust worthy person and to top it all you are possessive”

Susan “Why you wish only a woman to lead it – men too can”

Monty “This is what will happen – a lady apparel stores run by men – It is fine if my brand is big, we are small time startup”

Susan “Ok let me introduce to my best friend Sarah”

Sarah is a shrewd, good looking girl who has completed her management.. she only knows that she wishes to be successful

Monty is enamored by Sarah. He feels she can be a better partner even in personal life, slowly he begins avoiding Susan

Susan “Monty I find you drifting away from me.. “

Monty “Susan I still don’t like your possessiveness”

Susan “But for nearly 6 years you loved it”

Monty “As teen, early youth it was fine.. but now I feel there needs to be space”

Susan looks in Monty’s eyes and feels love has diminished..

Susan “Ok let us break.. go ahead and marry Sarah”

Monty “How are you so sure I started liking Sarah”

Susan “Know you ins and out. you are self centered  and so is she.. so good match”

Monty proposes Sarah

Sarah accepts his proposal and also informs Monty that she will need 85% stake in the venture.. and she will manage business first and house hold is not her priority”

Monty agrees and soon they get court registered marriage

On marriage night Monty “I want you to begin a family.. a kid.. will complete the family”

Sarah “Are you crazy? Not married you to produce babies.. The startup is our baby, let us give it 5 years, babies latter” and she hugs Monty and kisses him and whispers “Hope we have safe sex always.. I don’t like to pop pills”

Monty’s face falls low and he says “Not prepared today.. so fine let us sleep”

Sarah looks at Monty sweetly and says ‘You are my baby”

Monty in his mind “Girls tell male baby only if they want something from them”

Monty is about to kiss Sarah but stops at it..

Sarah “I didn’t ask you to stop love” and she hugs him passionately..

Monty “But I need to always be in control right..”
Sarah “Common not a big deal for you.. you are experienced with Susan”

Monty gets angry

Monty “Sarah – Susan was understanding, loving and a home maker, I was trying to make her a business woman and here I am with you” and he sighs

Sarah “Do you know our venture is getting funded. I add the glamor quotient,. you got lucky “

Monty “I realize in life never mix personal and professional interests..”

Sarah “Dear Monty, now let us forget the past and make new beginning” and she hugs Monty

3 years latter

Monty meets Susan in a restaurant by accident.. Susan is with a very good looking known investor and happy..

Monty “How are you?”

Susan “Am very happy. I lost you but gained Joseph an investor and we invest in entrepreneurs and he has mentored me in a way where I balance my personal life well.. My hubby” and she blushes

Monty “Susan, Sarah left me when she got 2nd round of funding. an exit from business and here I am all alone.  Can you invest in my venture and be a partner”

Susan begins laughing and whispers to her hubby “Half baked love Full baked Entrepreneur but he is a bright spot”

Joseph “Fine Monty – let us begin interactions”

Moral of story – Let us not try to change someone’s individuality for our own selfish interests else we may loose that individual and even our own little heart.

Meal Bowl

In a remote African location there are 1000s of orphan kids who wait for meal bowls which come as packed food from an Angel Gina.

Gina was a very good singer and dancer. Ambition to be an A class model took her to London where her boy friend introduced her to a night pub where Gina got an assignment for Pole Dancing.

She used to save 20% of her earnings to build a corpus for the orphanage and one day she got an assignment

Gina’s boss Ronald “Gina – I strongly feel you should do something for the pub dancers”

Gina “I am here for my live li hood. What can I do? and why you helping them?”

Ronald “My mom grew me up through same profession and I care for them”

Gina “Can we organize live theatres (STREET PLAYS) and it would attract sponsors”

Ronald “Good idea..”

Soon Gina and Ronald start an initiative PASSIONIT STREET PLAY’

Street play is to depict social causes in an entertaining way and this found good response

A charge of 1-3 pounds max with seating capacity of 1000 in remote play grounds…

She would conduct around 8 roadshows which also helped her get sponsors and this way she was able to support meal bowls for the orphans in Africa..

One day she suddenly fell dancing.. She got worried if after her, anyone else would have same zeal to transfer funds for the orphanage..

She decides to start a portal where she requests each of her admirer to donate 1 pound for meal bowl and the portal as of now has around 3000 members..  She is happy that she has come up with a model to feed deprived poor kids..

Lack of family planning awareness, self awareness and without seeing pros and cons of life of a kid incase parents discard them lead to a real need to help these orphans and let them come up in life as normal human beings and they too are part of this world and will and can contribute to national growth of any country