Relationship Commitment

Venture Capitalist Rommy ‘I invest on gadgets, technology and people only when they stabilize’

Angel Investor Susan ‘I invest on gadgets, technology at the initial stages. But I have to invest more initially to make that a success’

Entrepreneur Rohan ‘I invest in myself these days to build my own brand as I know neither of you would be interested in me’

Susan ‘What are you doing?’

Rohan ‘Am building a relationship commitment site where a couple should ensure they express their love to their beloved at least once’

Rohan ‘I love you too much honey’

Rohan ‘I care for you dear’

Rohan ‘I miss you too much’

Rohan ‘the joy of building a statistics of love showers show the commitment. No matter where you are tweet privately, chat privately ‘I love you’

Rommy ‘Which technology are you using?’

Rohan ‘Only when it stabilizes will come to you’

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