Velocity makes the Difference

Albert  ‘All fall in love but velocity makes the difference’

John ‘Albert – did you father give this name on basis of the great scientist’

Albert ‘Yes John and I experienced an incident similar to what Sir Einstein mentioned’

Albert ‘There used to be a girl who was intelligent, loveable and desirable and one day..’

John ‘What happened?’

Albert ‘I lost her to my friend Rob’

John ‘Why?’

Albert ‘He came in a dashing attire with red roses and proposed her right in front of me.. I was standing and he was sitting on one leg, declaring he is in love with her.. It was a speed and yes.. he came so close to her, so that too mattered. Here I was like a fool maintaining a 2 feet distance communicating with her as friend and he just may be half a feet..  That day I just reached home looked at Sir Einstein’s photo and realized that if theory is told, it needs to be practiced too, It needs to be implemented too. Only having a name Albert doesn’t make sense’

Till then a very beautiful girl comes near John.. Before John could realize, Albert kisses her cheeks and proposes her to be his friend and spank comes a slap on his face…

John ‘Hey what did you do?’

Lisa ‘I slapped him.. He is stupid’

John ‘Hey he is my best friend’

Albert looks shocked ‘Again I forgot Newton’s law of motion, for every action there is an equal opposite reaction and she practiced this theory well.. ‘

Both Lisa and John burst out laughing..

Lisa ‘Don’t take science so seriously and your name too.. Be normal and all will be fine’

A few days latter, Albert meets a professor Diya

Diya ‘Albert.. I have a soft corner for you..and holds his hand.. Will you accept me’

Albert feels flashes of light all around him, he feels the velocity of love is piercing his heart..

Albert shivers…

Diya ‘What happened?’

Albert “Love Shivers.. I was in state of motion as I was yesterday, you shook me.. Law of Inertia’

Diya bursts into laughter..

Diya ‘Albert you are crazy loveable person.. Funny.. ‘


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