Sense of Achievement

Sometimes you are just hanging around in crowd, a non-entity and though you are talented, a good human and reasonably successful entity, as a common man you are lost in that crowd. You have not created the right ripples around you. Till one day some one notices you being unusual, away from the normal, a bit abnormal. Are you a crazy writer or a crazy philosopher or a mad person in sane world. Soon you begin getting noticed for your special qualities. The person who notices you asks someone to see you. Now you have two audiences watching you. You are unassuming, unaware and you are exploring and struggling to find what is amiss that you are not able to achieve what others have achieved.

Till you soon a small puppy and a child in middle of road and a speeding bus coming towards it and on other side of road you have the most beautiful girl looking at what you would do? Will you save the puppy or the kid..

You whistle and throw the only gold chain you had in your neck towards the puppy and rush towards the kid and moves it away.. The puppy is frightened and moves away from the bus’s path.

You feel you achieved a victory by saving an animal and a human.  The kid was left unattended and decided to walk in a road full of experiences.  The animal too didn’t know the risks in that road. All you could do was loose what you already had and save them and now with the lone puppy and the kid, again a journey begins all over…

Incubation and Accelerators are not meant only for ones who should succeed but also for ones who wish to succeed and who knows one day you will be watched for the sheer thought of why you continued to save lives of those left out as they needed you the most and hence they will be the ones who will acknowledge you for what you did to them and if they also don’t acknowledge you, don’t regret as finally someone somewhere in this world will be happy that at least you attempted and deviated from the conventional path to save someone. Hopefully that becomes a sense of achievement in your heart and mind.

(Philosophy after many days 🙂 More inclined to motivate the social entrepreneurs in this world or ones who think and care of animals and human apart from their eco system and environment)

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