When Saturn Met Sun..

Saturn had rings all over and decided to rush push all planets and meet Sun..

Sun ‘You are my son.. Don’t hurry.. else I will ensure you are the slowest moving planet in this universe’

Saturn ‘Dad, I just wished to see my father and here you are hurting me’

Sun ‘Discipline is most important.. Never break rules’

Saturn ‘Ok Dad, from today onwards who ever will break rules, I will punish them. I will punish who ever are in hurry or better still I will tempt people to bad path too and good path too. If the person moves the bad way and will begin breaking many rules, soon that person will be caught in my rings and I will punish them’

Sun looks zapped

Sun ‘I never thought you would take my message so seriously. I was only grooming you and you decided to groom the whole universe?’

Saturn ‘I believe discipline enhances personality of a man. I should test the man for his patience and similarly a woman too..’

Sun ‘Do you feel people will believe you?’

Saturn ‘When things will go wrong in a person’s life every 7 and 1/2 years and every time I will enter the opposite side of their life I will expose people of what they really are. All ego’s, money, assets everything which they earned will vanish if they were not disciplined in their life. You told me to not rush. I will not rush.. I will slowly and surely make a person realize that being down to earth, humble, law abiding and compassionate will give an individual more reward’

Sun ‘Any proofs?’

Saturn ‘Check out all great personalities who are respected in this earth, all have my influences’

Sun ‘What about richness?’

Saturn ‘My friend Venus is responsible for bestowing wealth, only if I decide that the person should be rewarded’

Sun ‘What about education?’

Saturn ‘Primary education is given by my philosopher guide Jupiter. I don’t like his style so teach people life in different way’

Saturn ‘Unique style of teaching. I love it.. Hope entrepreneurs get my message and even ones who get dejected or hurt or robbed, remember you had broken some rule and some point of time in your life and am just helping you realize your mistake’


Happy Birthday Dear

Life as it was, seasons came, reasons changed, motivation came, inspiration changed as I move in my journey of life with same enthusiasm and thank god for everything bestowed to me for being with me always as I celebrate my human existence again today

Life for me was always a journey where many characters came and added more of their experiences to my learning.

As a child I remember the birthday party where I felt like an angel with claps around and loads of toys and cakes all around.. Loving the moments with a new dress and moving to god and seeking blessings.

As a teenager, wishing to be with my close friends.. and dreaming some beautiful angel will propose me by saying ‘I love you’ during birthday moments.. and then a pep dance to pep the mood.

As a youth, I still loved birthdays where with my dear friends and my good girl friend in toe, I would move to the sea view restaurant enjoying the moments of sea and wondering how seasons changed, but I remembered same’

As a mid aged person, I began wondering what all I did on my birthday and a small kid rushed to me with a rose and said ‘Happy Dear Friend, I could not get anything from my pocket money but this rose.. Did your girl friend wish you earlier then me? I know you keep writing those letters to someone Susan’

I smiled at the kid and said ‘Susan.. She is a fiction, no girl friend in my life. you are my sweet little angel whom I love the most’

Charlie closes his eyes and goes to sleep on his birthday eve and to his delight next day he finds the kid with a very beautiful girl Mary

Kid ‘Sir, Mary is single, Can you marry her?’

Charlie ‘Why so much mercy on me?’

Kid ‘Was deeply moved by those letters you kept writing in garden and one of letter, I read.. felt you need someone who can take care of you so found Mary. She is a good cook and runs a small restaurant where I help her and also stay with her. She is my god mother’

Charlie hugs the kid and asks ‘What is your name dear?’

Kid ‘Angel’



South Pacific Blues

The South Pacific Ocean has many islands and many of the islands are hardly having people.  Soloman was a rich Europe origin business man settled in New Zealand. He got a brainwave to involve people from these islands to make aquariums.

Solomon ‘Freida, post an advertisement in all leading channels of Fiji, PNG, New Zealand, Australia invited fisher men bodies to come for a training program’

Lisa  ‘Do you feel it will work?’

Solomon ‘Cent percent’

Lisa ‘Why you so sure?’

Solomon ‘Do you know the US economy impacted by US$1Billion through zoos and aquariums. Why not provide training programs to the local resources and above all we can conserve the coral reefs’

Night time, Lisa sees the fishes in her home aquarium and wonders at the life of fish

‘Life is restless in land and comfortable in sea and ocean where a fish explores the deeper nature of sea, intermingling with many fishes, endangered by sharks and whales but silently swimming and then a day comes when a fisher man catches them.. and either it is moved to fish market for consumption or.. if it is a fanciful fish, captured in aquarium’

Do human being like being caged?  Aren’t we the South Pacific community too constrained by nature.. Vey less industrialization, heavy imports and…..  then I lost my boy friend to a Dubai based girl’

Next day

Lisa ‘Solomon, I really wonder is capturing something and selling it is human?’

Solomon ‘Nature built this eco system.. We are just in that eco system where someone else will do the business if we wont’

Solomon ‘Check on the employment opportunities it will create’

A few days latter

Solomon ‘Welcome to the largest cooperative internationalization attempt to exports aquariums using community based programs. We plan to launch an aquarium training center and as cost is being worked out, we invite all to demonstrate their catch’

Soon the entire conference room is flooded with various type of unique fishes all neatly put in small aquariums’

Solomon is happy.. He announces a fund of 1M$ for entrepreneurship around fishing industry..

All are elated..

At night Lisa pens a thought

‘Love is also similar to a Fish.. A fish in our heart traveling across till someone snatches the heart and we begin feeling we are in love, if the sea in heart of the next person matches the taste, the fish survives else the fish is lost in that sea of heart.. Similar to South Pacific Blues’


Dancing Fashion

Scene 1

A little kid swaying all the way

gracefully moving her hands

shaking her lips,

looking at all and saying

‘Don’t I rock you’

Scene 2

A fashionable gal swaying all the way

gracefully shaking her waists

raising her hands

looking at her admirers shooting a flying kiss

and saying ‘Don’t I hook you’

Launch of ‘Dancing Fashion’ is met with an applause.

Claudia the entrepreneur is happy that her campaign has caught audience attention. Her you tube launch got over 1000 likes on day 1


Fruit Cake

Misha ‘Jenny, I make this cake for my brother as he loves it’ 

Jenny ‘Is he coming on vacation to Paris’

Misha ‘Yes’

Misha gets a knock on door

A courier person gives a letter

Misha opens up the letter. She is shocked

The letter mentions ‘Your brother met with an accident and expired.. Please share this news with the guardian and there are some legal issues around business so need to resolve that and his last wish was to have your fruit cake, so he wanted that to be put near his grave’

Misha is crying…

A few days latter she moves to US

On reaching her brother Henry’s house she is shocked..

Henry opens the door

Henry ‘Welcome my sister, I felt you will never come to US so decided to send that courier..’

Misha is angry, emotional and hurt..

Misha ‘Did you realize how your sister would feel on hearing this news’

Henry ‘I knew that.. Where is the fruit cake?’

Misha gives the fruit cake..

Henry and his friends begin eating the cake

Misha looks at Henry

Misha ‘Grow up Henry and what are those legal issues about?’

Henry ‘You are my co owner for confectionary business so obviously need your signature’

Misha hugs Henry

Misha ‘My little brother is stupid and sweet but cares for me’





Some Lies Work

Tom was a mischievous kid and having read Tom Sawyer’s stories, he would wonder if god actually re-incarnated him.

Tom ‘Sir, I feel the estimations you provided are wrong’

Alfred ‘Why you feel?’

Tom ‘I can complete the task in 1 day, why you quote for 3 days?’

Alfred ‘Those are buffers dear..’

Tom begins smiling

Tom ‘Some Lies Work? I am of same thought, I felt I will be honest to you, hence asked the question’

Alfred ‘I feel you can do the task in 4 hours’

Tom sheepishly ‘Yes. Some Lies work’

Alfred ‘Always estimate considering 60% productivity. so if you work for 4 hours, ideally I should quote for 1 or max 2 days, but you know what.. We need to go by market trend, your skillsets are hot, so charging 6 times’

Tom ‘Sir, I need my salary to be raised by at least 2 times’

Alfred smiles..

Alfred ‘Tom, fine, but only if you show me your girlfriend from China.. you always told me you have some personal emergencies ‘

Tom ‘Sir, sure’

Late night..

Tom calls up Nancy in China

Tom ‘Nancy, please for my sake… just say to me Come Soon, am missing you dear.. I will put you on speaker phone.. I will give you missed call.. and you need to call me immediately, I will be at boss’s desk

Next day

Nancy calls Tom

Nancy ‘Tom, I miss you dear, come soon’

Alfred overhears

Alfred ‘Tom, am happy with your work, want to set up an ODC.. do visit China, meet Nancy’

Late at Night

Nancy ‘Tom..  you never loved me.. you keep asking me favors.. why you don’t ask your real girl friend Susan’

Tom ‘Susan doesn’t like me to lie.. hence’

Nancy ‘Why you hide this personality of yours from her’

Tom ‘Give her a good news that I am visiting China for company work.. Plan to marry her soon. You are my dearest friend Nancy.. I love you too much’

Nancy has drop of tears in her eyes..

Nancy ‘how I can express this fool that I love him too’

At China

Nancy meets Tom at Airport

Tom ‘Where is Susan?’

Nancy ‘She wishes to not marry you?’

Tom ‘Why?’

Nancy ‘I suggest all of us meet for discussion’

Tom, Nancy and Susan meet in a restaurant

Susan ‘Nancy.. I always suspect something going on between you and Tom’

Nancy ‘Susan, we are good friends’

Susan ‘It is all over.. I have found a boy friend so am moving out of Tom’s life’

Tom looks shocked..

Nancy ‘Tom is a nice guy, he specifically came to see you’

Susan ‘Am planning to start a venture, so don’t wish to mess around that. My boy friend is an investor’

Susan leaves the restaurant

Nancy looks at Tom

Tom hugs Nancy ‘I lost her.. my lies didn’t work .. I got my answers.. I will marry you Nancy’

Tom ‘My boss too only knows your name as my girl friend’

Susan is walking in one of the busy hong kong street

Susan murmurs ‘Some Lies Work. Had our common friend Joe not met me, I would never have realized that Nancy loves Tom too’.

Susan smiles and her heart talks ‘Some Lies Work, if it benefits an individual or someone towards good path’


I Scream Echoes

Lauren ‘Not sure why and how, every time I scream am bored, I get echoes of people laughing’

Psychiatrist  Moron ‘Can you calm and go back to your past.. ‘

Lauren begins sleeping

Moron ‘Don’t sleep, just close your eyes… anything you hear’

Lauren ‘College youth are ragging me.. I am bored of studies.. and all my friends laughing and asking me various questions from books.. forcing me to read book and mug them up’

Moron ‘Unusual! Why will college students ask you to mug up answers. Isn’t it good.. I thought they would have asked you to dance or sing or parade with your vests in college. This is good ragging’

Lauren ‘My father.. he forced those students to rag me…’

Moron ‘I got it now.. So your father wanted you to do well in exams’

Lauren ‘Yes’

Moron ‘Come to present.. open your eyes slowly’

Lauren wakes up..

Moron ‘Lauren we use mix of hypnosis.. and check on my name’

Lauren ‘Moron’

Lauren ‘Imagine how many rag me every day’

Lauren ‘I do agree studies can get forceful, but is there any solution. How may of undergraduates really achieve success these days.. count on figure tips.. Those days were different.  Bill to Ambani, all succeeded.. These days everything depends on college, type of university you join and so on.. I agree you have loads of pressure’

Moron ‘How can those echoes stop’

Lauren ‘Think positive and scream back ‘Am going to win.. keep laughing.. your mouth will pain but I will succeed’

3 months latter

Lauren ‘Thanks Sir, am pursuing my studies on Analytics. All echoes stopped’