South Pacific Blues

The South Pacific Ocean has many islands and many of the islands are hardly having people.  Soloman was a rich Europe origin business man settled in New Zealand. He got a brainwave to involve people from these islands to make aquariums.

Solomon ‘Freida, post an advertisement in all leading channels of Fiji, PNG, New Zealand, Australia invited fisher men bodies to come for a training program’

Lisa  ‘Do you feel it will work?’

Solomon ‘Cent percent’

Lisa ‘Why you so sure?’

Solomon ‘Do you know the US economy impacted by US$1Billion through zoos and aquariums. Why not provide training programs to the local resources and above all we can conserve the coral reefs’

Night time, Lisa sees the fishes in her home aquarium and wonders at the life of fish

‘Life is restless in land and comfortable in sea and ocean where a fish explores the deeper nature of sea, intermingling with many fishes, endangered by sharks and whales but silently swimming and then a day comes when a fisher man catches them.. and either it is moved to fish market for consumption or.. if it is a fanciful fish, captured in aquarium’

Do human being like being caged?  Aren’t we the South Pacific community too constrained by nature.. Vey less industrialization, heavy imports and…..  then I lost my boy friend to a Dubai based girl’

Next day

Lisa ‘Solomon, I really wonder is capturing something and selling it is human?’

Solomon ‘Nature built this eco system.. We are just in that eco system where someone else will do the business if we wont’

Solomon ‘Check on the employment opportunities it will create’

A few days latter

Solomon ‘Welcome to the largest cooperative internationalization attempt to exports aquariums using community based programs. We plan to launch an aquarium training center and as cost is being worked out, we invite all to demonstrate their catch’

Soon the entire conference room is flooded with various type of unique fishes all neatly put in small aquariums’

Solomon is happy.. He announces a fund of 1M$ for entrepreneurship around fishing industry..

All are elated..

At night Lisa pens a thought

‘Love is also similar to a Fish.. A fish in our heart traveling across till someone snatches the heart and we begin feeling we are in love, if the sea in heart of the next person matches the taste, the fish survives else the fish is lost in that sea of heart.. Similar to South Pacific Blues’


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