Juice Says Oh and Ice Says Ah

Juice ‘Oh I see, today I will be served to Miss World’

Ice ‘Oh but she never takes cold stuff’

Juice and Ice both await in the glass to be served..

Soon a handsome guy who is ex Mr World comes in from nowhere as Guest

Ice ‘Ah.. what a guy’

Juice ‘Oh even am waiting to be served to him’

Mr World takes the glass and both Ice and Juice are waiting for their turn to be in Mr. World’s mouth

Till then Miss World comes in, takes the glass away from Mr. World

Miss World ‘Can we dance?’

Both Mr. World and Miss World dancing

The ice slowly melts in the juice

Juice ‘Only am loyal to you dear.. why you never say Ah to me’

Juice is awaiting now to be served…

Miss World comes and sips the Juice

She offers the glass to Mr World

He too sips the juice

Both take two straws and sip the cold juice

Juice thinks ‘Ice, you merged in me, I moved into their stomach. So be happy.. Both love us’

Moral of the story ‘Even if you are getting penalized, screwed up, jacked, hijacked don’t worry something good will happen some day.. wait for that day.. Be POSITIVE  Be OPTIMISTIC’

Floral Decoration

Melissa was a florist who specialized in wreath. One day an old lady visited her shop

Lady “I need only 1 white lily”

Melissa “Sure.. But why not a wreath”

Lady “No, only 1 lily. I will pay you US$100′

Melissa’s eye pops up

Lady takes the lily and goes to the grave yard..

Melissa curiously follows her..

Lady puts the lone lily on her daughter’s grave

Lady looks at Melissa

Lady ‘Why you follow me?”

Melissa “Why this one lily?’

Lady “She too was florist, but that fateful night, she got gunned by a gangster who had hidden his wealth in one of the grave”

Melissa “When it happened?”

Lady “50 years back”

Melissa “So …what happened next?”

Lady “Her mother awaits the gangster to return”

Melissa suddenly realizes why should this lady be alive in first place

Melissa “What is your age?”

Lady “I too was a florist, am lingering here and even today there was this gangster who got buried two days back and for which you made huge money..  Am just checking out if he returns back or is he peacefully sleeping in his grave”

Melissa is shivering

Lady “Ok dear get back to work. Get used to me as I have returned back to avenge my daughter’s death”

Melissa is shivering.. She returns back to the street

Late night Melissa pens down “The emotions which people carry when they ask for wreath, some could be real, some could be for keep sake, but never knew a small entrepreneur like me would also get an encounter with unknown.  I have not made a crime by giving wreaths for criminal burials. So why she behind me?”

Next morning she sees a blood stained message written on a paper near the place where she sells flowers

“Dressings with Love Accepted. Dressings with Hate too Accepted but Occasionally do provide small wreaths for poor families too for their sincere condolence to their dear ones. they may not afford costly wreaths”

Drunken Truth

Samuel ‘ Believe me.. I felt like slapping my CEO hard’

Morris ‘You are drunk.. You don’t mean it’

Samuel gulps more liquor

Samuel ‘I mean it.. Drunken Soldiers never lie. They just shoot truly’

Morris ‘Sleep now.. take rest.. you have long way to go next day’

Samuel ‘Ok brother.. but please slap my CEO if I don’t wake up tomorrow’

Morris ‘Sure brother.. ”

Samuel ‘I slog my life out and he never cares for me’

Morris ‘He pays you salary dear for your gulps too’

Samuel angrily gulps more liquor

Samuel ‘He just presented my EXCEL SHEET to BOARD OF DIRECTORS”

Morris “Your time will come Samuel’

Samuel gulps more liquor

Samuel ‘Slap him tomorrow”

Morris “Why don’t you slap him by becoming an entrepreneur”

Samuel “OOOOOO HHHHHHH   How come I didn’t get this idea”

Samuel moves forward and Kisses Morris’s cheek

Samuel ‘No gay ok just genuine brother care”

Morris “OK Brother.. ”

Samuel ‘You are great.. An Idea tank  just like this liquor bottle”

Morris “Take care dear.. sleep now”{

Samuel “Tomorrow open your tap and give me idea ok”

Morris “OK Samuel”

Samuel “But slap him tomorrow if I am not awake”

Samuel dozes of to sleep

Next morning Morris gives Samuel a lemon water

Morris “So will you become entrepreneur?’

Samuel “How can I do what my CEO does.. He is great.. A real dynamite”

Morris ‘Last night you were always planning to slap him”

Samuel “really.. am stupid guy… let me get back to work”

Morris “This is the difference between employee and entrepreneur”

Samuel “What?”

Morris ‘Entrepreneurs wont get drunk and bash their CEO’s, they will emerge as competitors without even being drunk”

Heart break

Break a Heart with a firm “NO”

Alas the Heart said a firm “NO”

Break a Heart with a firm “YES”

Alas the Heart said a firm “YES”

It is less then a second

All feelings crashes and strewn all over in Heart

No one to pick those pieces but you and only you

it is less than a second

and it pains severely and breaks life for ever

only if a force comes in does it recover.

Heart break is a phenomenon where

Heart doesn’t have any control

and what we can do is make our heart only stronger..

The more we are strengthened internally

we can stand all the breaks and can have

all energies to again make heart beat loudly

happily, joyfully and declaring loudly

so what if it broke the first time

there is always a second time

or third time or even nth time as I know

the art of identifying all pieces and making

the heart beat more and more better.

Aplomb Blogging

James holds a blogging competition.. His contention is that quality writing needs a clear thought process

Gina ‘James, in today’s world it is all about mix and remix. Old Wine in New Bottle. Where is the clarity?’

James ‘Let us check how folks perform. Ours is the largest blogging website, so I guess there will surely be creative folks’

Gina ‘and also those network marketing bloggers’

James ‘Nothing wrong in promoting their products. It gives gainful employment to many.. Flexibility too’

Xania from China who has joined this company.. pitches in ‘And in China, blogging trend needs to be cultivated more. We enjoy reading but more of family stories, love stories’

All begin laughing..

What should be the key to a blogger

James ‘Self confidence and Self Confidence. Aplomb Blogging’

Gina ‘What is it?’

James ‘She just brushed past me, the fragrance remained in my heart and mind as I pondered when she can again breeze past me and I would just hold her hand and ask her to my beloved for ever’

Gina looks surprised

Xania ‘How romantic’

James ‘Precisely blogging should reach a person’s heart’

Soon enough the competition is held and they find only 5% of bloggers are creative, 50% willing to share knowledge and news, 30% network blogging, 15% advertisement and promotion and 5% story writers

Wow is this statistics true?

James ‘Am sure folks are analyzing all this. This is only data analytics’

James ‘Xania, romance is a thought process. just imagine am gifting you a rose today and think we are soon going to be on date’

Xania blushes

Gina ‘Don’t be a shameless flirt’

James ‘I mean it. I need to take Xania for a date. This will help her cultivate an habit for blogging. She can share that experience’

Xania’s face is full red

James ‘Ok Xania, catch you in evening’

Good Night Darling – 4

Good Night Darling – 4

Rajesh “Hey good news guys.. Mumbai Police has hired our services for analytics. It is a Money Laundering Case. Some Jim has done it.. and not sure who did it for him. It is a girl’

Peter ‘Wow a very interesting assignment’

Here Kajal is being probed about Jim

Tej “Kajal – it is a big racket. Folks deposit unaccounted wealth in a foreign nation and an equivalent amount of commission paid back to a broker in nation where this black money is being transferred. No physical movement of money’

Kajal is sweating

Tej ‘Kajal, I know you are innocent but we have to do our duty’

Tej ‘You will need to visit US and meet our Chief Mr. James and yes you have to work closely with Mr. Rajesh who will help us out in those mail traces to check where abouts’

Kajal returns back home..

As she is eating her food suddenly the word Rajesh keeps buzzing in her mind..

Kajal ‘Mom, what is Rajesh’s business?’

Kavita ‘Security products .. He keeps saying that’

Till then Rajesh calls up

Kavita ‘Think of devil and he is right there’

Rajesh on phone ‘Aunty, can I interact with Kajal’

Kavita ‘Sure’

Rajesh ‘Kajal – you have proved lucky for me, got my first client – Mumbai Police.. Am very happy. and it is a US based assignment assigned to Mumbai Police so am still earning in $’

Kajal’s face pales

Kajal ‘What is it all about?’

Rajesh ‘Money laundering.. a very good case.. A guy transferred huge funds and has disappeared. Non traceable. and it seems a girl helped him’

Kajal ‘Who is she?’

Rajesh ‘Not sure.. but we suspect she is made millions of this deal. I will get more details soon from Mumbai Police’

Kajal shuts the phone..

As she is perplexed with her life..

Kajal finds the light shut… It is pitch dark..

She sees a tall guy in darkness

Guy ‘Stay of this mess. Dare you talk about Jim, your family will be ruined. We will kill Rajesh and also you have to work on an assignment for us in US’

Kajal ‘What?’

Guy ‘Very simple, become our informer.. you will need to keep us informed on each and every feature of Rajesh’s product’

Kajal ‘Why?’

Guy ‘None of your business..”

The Guy disappears… leaving Kajal wonder ‘Does Love need to be so bad?’


Good Night Darling – 3

Mumbai Police Tej visits Kajal’s house

Tej ‘We have some traces of emails of Mr Jim. How did you meet him?’

Kajal is shocked..

Tej ‘You will be interrogated by the Mumbai Police and Interpol’

Kajal ‘Why? What crime have I done’

Tej ‘Jim has done money laundering using your account’

Kajal ‘What? Why will he do it.. I never shared my account details with him’

Tej ‘Let us discuss this during interrogation. Till the whole matter doesn’t get resolved, you will not visit any other city’

Back in US Rajesh is tensed as his demo day is nearing

Rajesh ‘Peter, I am amazed how you guys worked on the product to capture mail / message logs and so analytics over it.. Hope we perform well’

Peter ‘Rajesh.. I need a break, my girl friend Sandra is bugging me for a vacation. Need to go Hawai’

Rajesh ‘Wow.. when?  ‘

Peter ‘Just for a week..’

Rajesh ‘Hope my fiancé also visits me soon’

Peter ‘What?’

Rajesh ‘Am getting married soom’

Peter ‘Who is the lucky angel’

Rajesh ‘Kajal’

Peter ‘What it means?’

Rajesh ‘The black lining. eye liner’

Peter ‘To make girls look more beautiful’

Rajesh is red

Peter ‘you are blushing.. crazy guy.. ok am off to vacation’

Here Kajal gets an attack by a junky guy while she is returning back home’

Kajal wonders who would have decided to smash her car?


Good Night Darling – 2

She is sad and her mother Kavita observes this…

Kavita ‘Why are you so sad?’

Kajal ‘Nothing much.. I want to take a job in US’

Kavita ‘A good news for you, found an alliance Rajesh who is a US Citizen.. but an issue’

Kajal ‘What is it?’

Kavita “He wants to marry in US as he doesn’t have time to reach out here.. He is getting funded soon for some of his venture.. I don’t know what is it all about’

Late night.. Kajal thinks about Jim.. She feels the best way to reach to US is by getting married to Rajesh..

She remembers Jim loving her on chat..

She is pained… she gets a call late night..

James ‘Kavita, we got traces of your email.. Jim disabled his account.. and it is a criminal case.. When can we reach out to you in India.. The Mumbai Police representative will reach out to you”


Good Night Darling – 1

Jim ‘Am going to sleep and it is late 11.30 pm here in US, good night darling’

Kajal hears this and is feeling sad..

Kajal ‘I miss you Jim, never have seen you.. all it happened through Facebook and then till date you never shared your photo and it is through SKYPE we interact’

Jim ‘Hopefully I one day we meet’

Kajal had been into e relation since 3 months, very much attached to Jim.

Jim was a nice natured guy and Kajal was from a normal family with parents, sisters and worked in IT however as she decided to mingle, she found Jim and began a chat conversation. Slowly they got intimate in Chat..

As Kajal is sleeping, she feels she has to at any cost visit US to meet Jim..

Next morning Kajal opens the chat session and to her surprise she finds Jim’s account is permanently disabled..

She is clueless what could have happened to Kajal…

The word ‘Good Night Darling’ keeps ringing her..

She feels ‘Emotions to Strangers – Is it right way to happen? Is it for real or is it all virtual?

Foot Prints of Life

The first impression was in my room where I wetted it and kept crying..

The second impression when I began walking and those foot marks looked like pug marks to me where I felt if tigers can prance, why cannot I

The third impression was when I was running in garden and found no impressions..

At youth, I pondered and wondered are such impressions really going to leave lasting impressions.

I realized life foot prints are all about what we achieve and how we achieve and what we share and how we get love and care from people around..

My idea of impressions changed and I began treading the path with more determination, making smaller milestones, achieving it but ones which could help society..

Sam pens his philosophy of life and visits rest room

On return again finds water marks. of his feet

Sam murmurs ‘Even a small impression dries away soon. So why cannot we get over our sad moments with smile as they are bound to dry up soon and happy moments will arrive’