Mortgaged – Plastic Card Horror

Rose ‘I mortgaged my house.. Now what we can do is go to a far off county and take a small apartment and have road side business’

Moses ‘Doesn’t it suck. Life is only become a credit card. If I don’t swipe it, I wont have credit history. If I swipe it, I will spend money and soon screw myself towards debt trap.

Rose ‘Who is debt free. But I heard in Gulf Countries, no one keeps debt.’

Moses ‘Absolutely great. But then plastic card is a big business’

Rose ‘A person earns 50000 and has 10 cards of 20000 limit. 200000. Big bucks.’

Moses ‘Limit is not that much’

Rose suddenly see’s a card below her table

Moses ‘Wow.. can we swipe it’

Rose ‘Let us try for this coffee bill’

It gets swiped successfully.

Moses and Rose are happy..

Moses keeps card in her secret hide out in his upper pocket of his shirt.. He suddenly feels shock waves’

Rose ‘What happened?’

Moses ‘This card seems to be possessed. He throws it’

Rose ‘Oh let us escape..’

Soon the card is sticking to Rose’s buttock and she is running ..

Moses ‘Hey what the heck.. it is stuck behind you’

Rose ‘I am stupid.. I got lured and now the card is stuck to me’

Moses ‘Mortgage it..’

Rose see’s a cobbler

Rose ‘Please remove the card from my back’

Moses and Rose get relieved..

Cobbler smiles gleefully

He goes to Mcdonald and swipes the card

He has full lunch.. Happy he is .. He keeps the card in his pant pocket..

A big shock wave…

His pockets torn.. He throws the card.. but it sticks to his head’

Cobbler shrieks ‘This card sits on my head. I was so relaxed till I didn’t use a card’

Even till date if some one visits the dark tunnel in Central Park.. You will the cobbler with a card on his head’

James completely reads this spoofy news.. dated 1999

He just reads another news item ‘Cobbler found dead under mysterious circumstances. Rose and Moses too had heart attack’

James shivers.. He pens ‘PLASTIC CARD HORROR’

Mr and Ms Devil meet Mr and Ms Human NaMoNaMo

NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo

Mr Devil ‘I am going to spread jealousy all around’

Ms Devil ‘I will ensure I will spread hatred and love all around. Imagine everyone loving everyone. Everyone hating everyone’

Enters Mr and Ms Human

Mr Human ‘Then we will only be fighting’

Ms Human ‘We will never get united’

Mr and Ms Devil laugh loudly

NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo

NaNoWriMo NaBloPoMo

Mr Devil ‘New vices will be introduced’

Ms Devil ‘New diseases will be introduced’

Mr and Mrs Human shriek loudly ‘No. Can anyone help us?’

Enters a pop up ‘Please express your sentiments and views only on the latest blogging competition. PASSION FRAMEWORK is out to help all of you’

Watch this space for exciting thriller with full of humor, suspense, horror, emotions, feelings, love and passion rolled out in a journey of entrepreneurs



This piece is pure entertainment. No correlation, inspiration from dead or alive, existing stories or future stories or present ones.

Am raising funds for my social work initiatives. Hope I succeed in entertainment and push entrepreneurship spirit further.

Who says Research leads to Doctorate Degree? I say Research leads to Entertainment Entertainment and Edu Entertainment. Education in Entertaining way..

NAMO Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.”

PASSION FRAMEWORK image is my own effort to spread entrepreneurship in just 7 dimensions PASSION



“Keep glowing always

Hope for best

Do the best

All around people begin glowing

The confidence of boss will reflect on their subordinates.

Confidence of relation reflects glow in members of family around”

Never loose your confidence ever and if you do just go to nearest mirror

“Am watching face.. What confidence I used to have 1 year back. Today am not doing well.. So my face crest fallen.. One minute let me put cream, powder in my face.. Hey now I look a bit fair and glowing.  One minute I will change and wear my favorite gown and goggles..

A few minutes latter

‘Am looking beautiful.. I think I should take my photo.. I click my mobile.. It is splendid.. I will email to all my friends and put in facebook, whatsup  and.. now I will go and have hot coffee’

Susan goes to coffee shop..

The owner ‘You are looking great.. Anything special’

Susan ‘Am cracking a big deal’

Owner ‘Wow.. for what?’

Susan ‘Confectionary business.. Have got huge order for shrewberry biscuits’

Owner ‘I am also your client.. Everyday send me 50 large packets’

Susan smiles

She walk back to home

She looks at mirror

“Only confidence, pleasant dressing and not being morose can work wonders. Thanks to that blog which penned this and I followed it.. PASSION FRAMEWORK..  I suggest you too to check out on few other write ups too. You will love them for its simplicity’

Smiling face

An epic book says ‘Friendship is a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity’

Farah abides by that day and cares for Marina her close friend till one day

Marina ‘I feel my boy friend has begun liking you as he keep saying you have a smiling face’

Farah ‘He just likes my smile. It is harmless admiration’

Marina ‘Let us ask  Dob about it

Next day

Marina ‘Let us sort it.. Have you begun loving Farah.. I will step out’

Dob is shocked.. Farah speechless

Farah composes self and smiles again

Dob ‘So beautiful smile’

Marina’s face fallen

Dob ‘I like her smile for sure.. Am fan of that smile. But I love your spirit Marina’

Marina ‘Why?’

Dob ‘You confronted directly to resolve issues and misunderstanding latter’

Marina ‘I love Farah more then you and have protective attitude towards her.. She has stayed in my house since time her father got killed in gulf war and my family adopted her.. My father is EX ARMY MAJOR GENERAL

Dob ‘You never told me this. What about her mom?’

Marina ‘She expired just few years ago. She decided to stay back in Iraq’

Dob ‘I have fallen in love with you all the more’

Marina ‘Friendship is a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity’

Farah ‘Marina.. even if Dob would have fallen in love with me.. I would never have thought in those lines as I consider him as a brother’

I am in Bench

Jack ‘I am in Bench.. hope these guys don’t give me pink slip’

Frank ‘Don’t worry.. I too will soon. Project ends next month’

Jassi ‘What is this bench? Do you sit on bench? ‘

Frank begins laughing

Jack ‘Jassi, you are really naïve. It is not like your gas business, where you just have gas filled and customers pay money for fuel and you keep earning money.. Here in this whole world bench concept is well known. Bench is a dreaded word. It means you are no longer wanted in the project. If project ends or non performance, either way a person can come on bench’

Jassi ‘Why bench, why they didn’t coin it as Idle or No Work.. why bench’

Frank ‘Un employed labors in many countries sit on road or in some road side garden bench reading news paper or gossiping.. Di you get it?’

Jassi  ‘God tussi good name.. Frank’

Frank ‘What is tussi?’

Jassi ‘Am Sardar from India, Tussi means you in Punjabi’

Diana steps in..

Diana ‘Hey I got a call from your wife Julie’

Jack ‘What happened?’

Diana ‘She says she is fedup with you as you are in bench every 3 months and uncertainty makes you get worried. You drink and even abuse her.. It seems you called her up and told you are in bench. She plans to separate out for periods when you are in bench’

Jassi ‘Bench – can you work in petrol pump that period?’ Julie will not leave then’

Frank ‘You stupid.. She will divorce him, if she knows that.. She is project manager.. She doesn’t need to be in bench. She is holding key position in company’

Jassi ‘What is project?’

Frank ‘setting up petrol pump is a project.. managing petrol pump is service. project completes support begins.. support is also service’

Jassi laughs

Jassi ‘So Julie is stopping to give service to Jack’

Diana begins laughing

Diana ‘Julie is not a project for Jack. She is a support to him.. ‘

Jassi ‘She is not supporting him means she is not servicing him’

Frank ‘Let us not argue.. Poor Jack.. Let us try to search for him a job’

Jassi ‘Why doesn’t he make a product for me in parallel. If it clicks.. it clicks’

1 month latter

Jack ‘Jassi thanks for your advice.. This consulting business bloody sucks. Top to bottom… only do recruitment, resource management..  god knows what.. every 3- 6 months fear.. Fear of relocation, fear of job loss. Hourly rate workers.. ‘

Jassi ‘Have lassi’

Jack ‘what is it?’

Jassi ‘In Punjab we give sweet  curd.. we grind it well.. it is LASSI’

Frank ‘Jack.. your product has been referred by Jassi to his entire petrol pump fraternity.. 100 customers.. You are getting investment soon’

Diana  ‘Hey how is Julie?’

Jack ‘Seperated . but will surprise her..once I get invested’

Jack gets 100000 US$…

All friends party…

Frank ‘He is now an entrepreneur.. We all are.. We are founders’

Dian calls Jack aside and whispers ‘Julie is wanting divorce. She feels your revenue flow will be uncertain.. She is scared you will abuse her more’

Frank and Jassi walk to them

Jack is feeling low

After coaxing Jack narrates that he will soon be on bench in personal life too.

Jassi gets annoyed..

He asks Diana to call Julie to the party

Julie reluctantly comes

Jassi ‘In India marriage is valued even today. At least in common man .. We don’t separate out because of job loss or entrepreneurship.. I am running petrol pump.. My wife is happy.. And Jack.. don’t trouble Julie.. She is nice person.. Don’t abuse her..   Even in India these days separation, divorce is common.. but unless some grave problem not there.. learn to face life and remain united’

Julie and Jack are dazed

Jassi ‘Am gold medalist Punjab university mechanical engineer. but my college unknown here. so I got to bench 8 years back. my wife coaxed me to start petrol pump. Hence I believe respect to any work should exist

Julie hugs Jack and says ‘I am sorry’

Jack ‘Julie tussi great. Jassi tussi great.’




A strong desire to achieve an object and seek security from an object.. – A perception which moves forward and manifests in form of dream, ambition, mission, vision, ideology, principles and finally leads a person to become fully passionate about that object.

In love, many a time we fail to see pros and cons.

In business too which has loads of PASSION, you may tend to get blind..

To moderate the PASSION, you need to cultivate another PASSION and it could be towards a hobby or social work.

So now we have 2 PASSIONs

What about the 3rd PASSION

Here you inner psychology is at work and you may even cultivate a PASSION for Social Media Outreach.

Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Linked In..

Enjoy being PASSIONIT

3 Word Miracle

A simple 3 word miracle to win heart of individuals with whom we have conflicts ‘I am sorry’
A simple 3 word miracle to win heart of individuals when me make mistakes ‘I am sorry’
A simple 3 word miracle to win heart of individuals to win their heart ‘I love you’
A simple 3 word miracle to win heart of individuals when they loose out’ ‘I feel sad’
A simple 3 word miracle to win heart of individuals when they win’ ‘I feel elated’
A simple 3 word miracle to win heart of individuals to show our confidence’ ‘I am confident’