Dust bin

Warner is a young kid in China who keeps playing with dust bins when his mother leaves him alone at home with a care taker as she is the lone bread earner..

His mother always wonders why he is so fascinated with dust bins.. He will throw the garbage , clean the bin.. and again keep playing with it..

His mom takes him to doctor..

Doctor Xiang ‘Alice.. not sure why is he so fastidious of dust bins?’

Xiang ‘We will need to keep him in observation’

Nothing improves

Over a decade, Warner is now an 18 year boy. He is still fond of playing with dustbins and decides to make eco friendly bins..

He engineers a metal box and uses technology to covert the wet food waste to manure

It becomes a big hit in his society. manure for organic farming..

Soon he gets funded and his mother wonders does obsession really lead to creativity too? It is beyond her understanding as she finds her kid to unusual, a crazy boy who needs medical help too

Small business Owner befriends Entrepreneur

John and Renny bump in one of the restaurants in LA and get into a conversation

John ‘I prefer to not reach out to market. I hate marketing.. but I am a good sweet maker.. so people come to my shop because of my product’

Renny ‘Good, so you don’t need to slog out.. For me am caught in this journey to raise funds, be in pitch, be in workshops, meeting etc..  An entrepreneur project is beyond setting a shop.. It is not small business. It is on assumptions you need to grow, you need to reach out.. you need to market.. so if I have to set a shop, I need to think of making a franchisee outlet and so on’

John ‘Why don’t you do it for me?’

Renny ‘Me?’

John ‘Yes – franchisee model for my sweets?’

Renny thinks over it..

Renny ‘Fine.. let me attempt..;

Soon Renny has a startup initiated and it gets seed funded too and Rene does the networking part and John is focused on making his sweets better and tastier’


A bird was curious to know why it kept returning back as bird.. It never committed any sin in this life time.. Decided to just live of grass and leaves.. But again she realized that too has life. What should she be eating? Whatsoever it does will again be sin..

It decided not to eat anything.. Starving and starving.. Only water.. It became feeble.. and was almost to perish when a light came on her eyes.. and it could see a writing

‘You are born in this earth and sins are bound to happen. To salvage self from those sins, just do something good.. something good to make the entity on which you commit sin feel happy…

The bird hungrily began eating grass, then even small insects.. and then felt nice and decided to build nest…and began bring small grains from everywhere and put in the nest.. Soon many insects emerged and started feeding themselves with those grain.. The bird felt happy and again ate one insect and sang a song

‘Ecosystem Eco system

Food to one

make a life

Food to one

loose a life

Ecosystem Eco system

Karmic Cycles

Ever Ever

Enjoy it forever

as long as you

are a living entity

Never Leave Someone In Lurch else……

Doctor ‘Am sorry to say, she will expire in 1 week time’

Mother ‘She is my only daughter save her’

Doctor ‘No chances..’

Suddenly the Mother shrieks…

She sees a shadow moving out.. and in the operation room she finds the doctor dead..

She just turns around and finds her daughter dead..

A letter posted in the wall ‘She was the one who aborted my project and left me in lurch. Had to close the startup. Landed into debts and then committed suicide’

You have changed

James ‘You have changed’

Mary ‘Just got bloated, my nature remains same, not changed’

Jenny ‘You have changed’

Tom ‘Yes my behavior changed over period of time, but physically no change’

John ‘Which change you prefer Physical or Spiritual’

Mary ‘Spiritual’

Tom ‘Spiritual’

Jenny ‘Spiritual’

John ‘Physical changes will happen by nature. Spiritual changes need a force of determination within us”

Setting Boundaries

God gave reptiles the power to crawl fast..  Who could smoothly slip through any holes.. But they cannot think of rising as they will only fall after a while..

Any individual who fits into skin of character of a role and thinks he or she is perfect should understand that as humans imperfections will always set in after a while. So the only way to remove that is to be keep doing things perfectly in what we are.

God gave human and animals legs to walk and run.. So a person can keep walking and running but eventually will get tired.

Any person who wishes to run and keep running should know their limitations and step back and take rest and only after rejuvenating self, again run.

God gave a bird wing to fly.. but finally a bird is limited by its wings dimensions and in similar way humans have boundaries, scope is important and be in your limits to ensure you fly longer..

God gave fishes ability to dive deep or float.. Same way a human can become specialist or generalist and it depends on choice however if a human wishes to not be either of it, drowning is implicit. Human without acquiring any skill is like a wood without being polished or carved.

Peter ‘Who is powerful?’

John ‘Man cannot get into holes. Animals cannot get into holes. Neither can they fly to avoid traffic jams. Reptiles cannot fly and they cannot walk and birds cannot walk, Fishes cannot live in land so our eco system has pros and cons. Only humans can use their mind and body and manage everything.. Swimming, Crawling, Flying using planes or Running using Legs so as human please realize your power and do contribute to self and others gainfully’