Good Boy and Good Girl Resolutions

We are together to make a few resolutions together

We come closer and hug each other and kiss each other to herald some resolutions.

We will always remain silent when we are confused, not sure of what we want and pause and think what can be done through proper advice but use mind of our own in decision making.

We will fight the negative energies with positive attitude and we will not take things lying down.

We will try to be punctual or work from home but will not work late hours and struggle for some one else.

We can work hard for our own growth and burn the mid night oil.

We will do things which will give us mental satisfaction and stimulate our creativity.

We will wish to contribute to society in small way by making some society benefit projects.

We will just hang around near beach watching the sun rising or setting and walking on sea shore watching the foot prints

We will wish to remain united but in case someone finds someone better, we will not stop as we both believe if we have loved truly, only a shirt button can separate us if at all a button comes in between us else we are unified, single soul and are soul mates

We will make friends but we will not cling to each other and be overtly possessive

We will enjoy life as it comes and we will grow together and shape a product or service together

We will need to enjoy some latest movie together at times with popcorn and chips available

We have decided that as a girl I don’t know cooking and he knows cooking, so he will cook and I wish wash utensils..

We will be considerate to elders and will spend some time with local urchins and play a soccer or rugby or cricket with them.

We will follow our heart and mind together..

We are too tired now after all this rattle and we will cozily sleep together..

Good night dear.. Good noon dear.. Good morning dear…  We are so much involved with each other we have not also kept tab on time or moments as we love being with each other always.

Too Much

As the train nears Paris, Fab rushes to greet the chat friend Susan with whom he had got intimate on various chat sessions..

Susan steps out and Fab is amazed.. So beautiful though a bit plump… She has self funded the entire trip from Mexico to meet Fab..

Susan ‘Fab.. help me with the luggage count. It is approximately 20 boxes..  ‘

Fab is surprised..

Fab ‘How come the flights allowed you.. No wonder you also chose train’

Susan ‘Hey count now’

Susan takes various size of bags out of train..

Fab is elated that she is going to stay with him forever..

Soon he finds a beautiful girl coming out.. age 17…

Fab ‘She looks beautiful. who is she?’

Susan ‘My daughter’

Fab’s face falls low

Soon he finds another boy age 16,

Boy ‘Mummy … why you moved all bags out’

Fab types in facebook to check if indeed it is same girl with whom he chatted

Susan ‘Hey wait..’

Soon he finds 4 girls coming out age 14, 8, 7, 5

Fab gets impatient

and then boys 12, 11, 9, 6

Fab rushes to drink water..

Then a 18 year boy with 2 kids aged 3 come out

Fab ‘Susan.. are you sure.. we interacted?’

Susan ‘Why do you do doubt me

Fab ‘In Paris we believe in absolute free living at times..’

Susan smiles.. and says ‘Hence we chose to come here’

Fab ‘I feel my home will be insufficient’

Susan holds a small kid in her hand and whispers to her daughter

Daughter starts giggling

Susan ‘We will manage’

Susan arranges a big vehicle and all move away leaving Fab wondering what hit him

At night  Fab calls Susan

Susan ‘Dear.. they are my destitute institute and we chose a trip here as the kids wanted to see whom I found for self.. All spent their pocket money and came all way and you got shocked.. Are you willing to accept me and the institute?’

Fab ‘I did get shocked but had mentally decided to accept you. I also arranged a big bungalow for you and wanted to give you good news now’

Susan  ‘The kids want to surprise you by planning a picnic tomorrow. I just thought to keep you informed before hand’

Fab ‘Some time too much is also fun’

Both begin giggling and soon Fab hears noise and shrieks ‘Thanks daddy for choosing us’

Alien Woes

A recent movie shows an Alien confused with way of life in this universe..
So the Alien returns back finally to his world only to return back with more Aliens..

What triggers the Alien to come back?
The Universe which is so beautiful makes us addicted to all the nice things in life.
We can ignore the bad elements however with so many colors- universe is abundant

Universe has many uncovered, hidden elements still and sky is limit for ones who wish to explore..

Lately an Alien is planning to get married soon to a girl in this earth.

Any takers?

Thankful Thanks

Thankful Thanks to all the readers who try to read PASSION FRAMEWORK blog taking time from their busy schedule to read various stories in this blog..

What is PASSION FRAMEWORK all about?
An attempt to bring entrepreneurship theories and dimensions of managing start ups, incubation, venture houses in light of individual. What possibly could go wrong in a venture? How an idea can get conceived? What are the human complexities around a venture? What happens in day-to-day life of an individual who is an employee or a free lancer or just a mere blogger.

It explores the PASSION of individuals which triggers creativity. It triggers the intuitive brain to probe, to explore and search , research on a pain point which leads to innovation thereby triggering an act to scope the idea to a product or service and set the right environment to take things forward..

PASSION is all about Owning and Nurturing a baby.. A baby you conceived with love and what happens in human life is mix of love, hate, emotions, intimacy, horror, comedy, adventure, thrill and it brings all these dimensions in story format..

What are the best practices for an Entrepreneur to be successful?
PASSION FRAMEWORK also will be having a book of knowledge in a more best practice format and of course am evolving something unique and different in field of education..

So will keep all of you posted on those focuses in 2015.

Till then thanks for reading my blog with care, affection and love all of you for supporting this blog faithfully.

Take care,

Jolly New Year Eve

Loads of crackers, Loads of Instruments.. Jack is planning to hold a great road show where he will be showcasing a host of talented youngsters..
A belly dancer, A ramp show, A message driven small kit, Some soft music and above all Miss Katrina for you…
Who is she? The popular actress or Is it some one different..
She is a 8 year kid who was named Katrina after the hurricane which had come to Houston..

Now Katrina is an ace dancer who can dance western and traditional European, Mexico and Chinese dance style and also can dance Bharat Natyam (Indian dance).

What is her story? How she arrived here?
As a child she never knew that she was in those bumpy streets of Austin trying to save her mother.. oops Her mother driving in pregnancy to Austin to save self from the hurricane. Bumper to Bumper.. somehow she reached her aunty’s house only to find herself getting labor pain and next Katrina is born..
Katrina never realizes that she was born on the hurricane day… and even her mom is frightened of the night mare and wonders is Katrina lucky for her?

Katrina brings in another disaster to her mom where she looses the job because she over stays in Austin and now Mother Jenny is fully assured Katrina means Disaster.

Katrina is handed over to a Church at an age of 3 and her mom does meet her reluctantly fearing what if another disaster strikes..

Katrina begins watching TV almost an addict and keeps watching various dance forms.. Soon she entices her school mates with her dance moves

Katrina shakes her back and moves to her teach Sandra

Sandra ‘Amazing.. I loose my concentration when I teach.. Don’t do it..’

Katrina ‘Am an entertainer?’

Sandra ‘of course you are’

All students keep clapping at her tap dance moves

Jack is Sandra’s brother who is a road show king who visits Sandra at Austin

Sandra ‘It is Christmas time and I want to introduce you to a celebrity in making..Katrina’

Jack ‘The popular Indian Actress?’

Sandra ‘No.. She is Katrina.. named after the hurricane which stormed ‘

Jack see’s a slim girl dancing like a rock star entering..

Katrina ‘Hey Jack.. cool to see you’

Sandra ‘She speaks her mind out.. She is entertaining’

Katrina breaks in Japanese greeting and then shows a Bharat Natyam style movement’

Jack ‘Amazing’

At eve of new year, it is chilly and Katrina is rehearsing rigorously’

Jack ‘Hey .. take rest child’

Katrina ‘Do you feel am a disaster?’

Jack ‘No dear…’

Katrina ‘My mom feels am unlucky to her.. hence i work hard to ensure you get luck because of me.. I do this for not only you but all around.. I just wish to get rid of that stigma DISASTER’

Jack ‘You are my Jolly… Jolly new year eve.. Welcome board and continue your studies and am grooming you to have your own dance school.. Wish to see you an entrepreneur at a small age’

Katrina dances and shakes hand with Jack ‘Cool… Jolly sounds Cool.. Real Cool’


Lover ‘Take a rose from me’

Beloved ‘Why you only talk of bees and flowers.  Love talk can get boring. Talk some serious stuff’

Lover ‘Seriously speaking, I also wonder why I need to talk of flowers or bees and why should you wish to have rose from me every day’

Beloved holds Lover’s hands..

Beloved ‘It is our 5th year.. Hope we both have not got bored with each other’

Lover ‘Possibly.. what should we do?’

Beloved ‘Let us separate for few months’

Lover ‘But I will miss you’

Beloved ‘Me too.. but we need to take hard steps to sustain this loss of interest in love’

3 months latter

Lover calls Beloved

Lover ‘I messed up with a girl and she hit me badly’

Beloved ‘All are not like me.. Which flower you gave her?’

Lover ‘I decided not to give anything and she told I am worn out lover with no romance left in my style’

Beloved ‘Ok Let us unite again’

Lover ‘I love you so much’

Both meet

Lover gives beloved red roses and this time she smiles..

Beloved ‘I missed these so badly’

Lover ‘I missed you so much’

Both hug each other..