Exploring Love

How can we ever deny that it never exists.
When i see the little twinkle which comes in the eyes of the beholder it compels me to think on this
four  letter word which stems out of the heart.

A mere look into the eyes of the person who loves you  and you will realize the eyes shows its intensity,
a moistness, sober pupils looking at you with an expectation of reciprocated feelings.

Looking at those eyes…i really wonder. .why  god  gives us  this power to express through our eyes to the  people
whom we love.

An abstract class in itself, love can never have  methods  and events in its class definition. Yes love  gets  implemented
the way it needs to depending on the type of  person you fall in love with.

What is falling in love ?
hey…are you really falling down from your bed…in your dreams…it could be a serious fatal attraction.

Attraction begins when a sudden vibration  comes  into your body with the sound of a voice, feel of a body, visualisation
of a body or even a gentle touch.
Loyal to itself…just a mere touch or a feel  can create  a very close proximity and love falls into the  class of lust…

Lust implements only the physical plane of love  and quenches the thirst of  your body….but what about the other planes of
human lives.

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