Clever Idiot – A deeper Insight to benefit a Learning Student

This is response to a student’s response as to how ‘Clever Idiot’ benefits them…

  • if you look at the story from a perspective of student.. 1 student is going to a grave yard in search of success.. (logically it is the past.. it means we study what is documented, old theories, old everything.. and we keep praying for passing the exam.. the second student is like our alter ego which wants to commercialize what we have learnt and for that we convince and market ourselves in fron of potential employers and convince them that whatsoever we tell in interview is the only truth. sometimes we succeed and end up getting job or we loose.. Hence the story named Clever Idiot.. sometimes some one will perceive the story idiotic but it has deep insights into how we have to get to past to be in present and understand that from lessons of past we can make our present prosperous
    Please read CLEVER IDIOT to understand this writeup

Coy Look

Ceyne stood in front of mirror and wondered if she indeed can look coy in front of her boy friend…

Ceyne in front of mirror makes faces..

“Why am not blushing… if i think of my boy friend’..

Now she thinks of a celebrity hero…

“Still no blushes’…

Ceyne now tries to be shy in front of mirror.. but doesn’t work out..

Till then a voice is heard… ‘you look so beautiful and graceful

Ceyne suddenly feels a gush of warmth rushing her..

Ceyne is blushing..

She turns around to check who it is…

Nothing seen but the voice of an individual in youtube…

She begins giggling and decides to prepare for work..

She murmurs ‘For minute I thought had found my love

She is going to work and wonders why sometimes people drag onto relation without bringing back the zeal of love in life..

Soul Love

I caress my soul

and fill it with love

I love my soul

giving it a warm hug

You are my only

loyal friend and beloved

who knows everything

and anything which I feel.

Am I seeking a soul mate

who can understand me and

everything about me?

A question for ones who have not found one yet.

and if found one… love that person to heart’s content.

Clever Idiot

Robin was street wise smart and Noran was an idiot of first order.. Noran would take time to digest things.. Both of them were friends..

One day Noran decides to visit Country Graveyard as he believes some times ghost can  shower rewards too.. (Where he read this? it is in a horror web site..)

Noran is moving around the grave yard and looking upwards

‘Mercy on me all who have gone.. I need abundance.. I need prosperity.. Mercy.. Mercy.. Who ever expired last and was buried here.. bless me.. bless me.. Whoever got buried first here.. may abundance come on me.. come on me’

Looking at him shrieking.. there is a family who has just arrived to the graveyard.. they begin wondering is this guy a quack or a magician or a witch.. Scare of wits.. they rush to him..

Noran ‘Am of firm believer that the last person who is getting buried here is going to bestow fortune.. He is my angel.. He is my angel investor’

The wife of Humar the person who exprired has tears in eyes/.

Humar was so good… so spiritual.. He was however penniless. We had to struggle to get this grave slot for him..

Robin enters.. and looking at commotion realizes Noran is on his another adventure trip..

Noran ‘My angel is going to give me abundance.. full abundance’

All family members of Humar are wonder struck..

Robin ‘Yes.. Noran has magical powers.. He can pray to the departed souls and seek blessings for self and others..  He may just need US$100 for this.. as we need to bring in the right positive energy soul… Humar was positive. He is still with us.. I can feel his presence’

Looking at Robin, the family of Humar is convinced.. they give up 100$.. and as Noran is looking at sky still..

Humar is buried.. Humar’s wife rushes to Noran

Humar’s wife ‘Noran.. may lord bless you with abundance.. Even I felt Humar’s presence.. His smile, His love.. all looking at me and conveying Noran is a nice soul’

Robin ‘Aunty.. i have to feed him now.. poor guy.. he kept seeking blessings for your family’

Both Noran and Robin have good mid noon lunch..

Robin ‘Noran.. every day around 5 burial arrivals.. we can make 500 in one graveyard and we have around 50 in NY itself.. So a potential to earn 25000.. every day over period of time’

Noran ‘Am convinced the last person who is buried will bless me abundance.. I need to bless all.. I need to bless all’

Robin puts his hand over his head..

Robin ‘I suggest again you to the graveyard.. one more is come.. the last person i guess today’

Noran again goes graveyard

Robin smiles ‘Never knew this would give so much abundance’

2 months latter Robin has organized a workshop on Innocence..

Noran ‘Why? you are doing it’

Robin ‘I need to recruit 49 more.. for other graveyards’

Noran ‘Am convinced all others will be blessed with abundance too with last burial’

We all sail in same boat

At one of the roadside shop, Jack, Jim, Rosy from Singapore are wondering what they are doing..

‘An Electrical Engineer, A mechanical engineer and a civil engineer.. all in Back Process Automation.. Good salaries everything.. but these days they feel they are obsolete’

Back in India, Ramu, Mahesh, Joseph, Gurvinder and  Dabblu are on road side shop. Friday.. a dreaded day.. they have been given pink slip.. Reward for their 10 years of dedicated services… Back to square one..

Mahesh gets a SMS from USA, his lead from client Robert asks him to get into skype..

Robert on skype ‘Mahesh am screwed up too.. Nearly 5 from our office is given pink slip’

Mahesh begins giggling

Mahesh ‘Sir.. we are also gone.. you guys closed the project and am also gone’

Robert ‘We all sail in same boat.. My Singapore friend Jim also said the same’

Mahesh ‘Are we like the old prostitutes who don’t have any value’

Robert ‘This is bad language..  we are professionals’

Mahesh ‘We are kicked out.. so let us become entrepreneurs at least’

Robert ‘We all sail in same boat..’

Intimate Hatred

Noy is a brash guy who is intimately in love with Niya. Niya is a care free girl who is assertive and values independence.

Noy slaps Niya for not listening to her..

Niya ‘Dare you do this..’

Noy ‘How could you ignore me and be with that guy for full 2 hours in restaurant right in front of me’

Niya ‘It is a business deal’

Noy ‘My foot.. I invested in you.. and then over period of time we both fell in love.. I exited from that venture.. but still that is my baby too’

Niya ‘But I cannot exit it right.. Investors exit whenever they get good X returns. They are supposed to be non-emotional which they are for sure..  but it is my baby.. I need to grow that further’

Noy hugs Niya and kisses her passionately..

Niya ‘I hate all this in public place’

Noy ‘Now you will not love me to even touch you’

Niya ‘Sort of.. i am tired’

Noy ‘Do you feel you compromised for your success’

Niya ”Dare you say this.. I was and still am in love with you.. Not compromised’

Noy ‘Ok.. cool..’

Niya ‘From tomorrow onwards I will not wish to be with you.. Am calling of this relation’

Noy remains silent

3 months latter

Noy launches another girl with similar product and features which Niya provides in her startup

Noy in a group event..

‘Who says investors cannot invest in similar product.. Everything which is suitable and has huge demand can have multiple companies working in same line. Look at restaurants, job portals etc.. So give a big clap to Irena’

Niya hears this in news..

Niya calls up Noy ‘Hey.. why you screwed me up?’

Noy ‘You deserved only that.. hope you now understand the power of Investor’

Niya ‘My foot.. If you feel this is the way competitor comes. Am game for it’

2 months latter..

Niya launches a free tool similar to what Irena’s team has done..

Noy calls up Niya ‘Why are you giving free. Have you gone nuts’

Niya ‘If am finished.. how can I ensure Irena is doing well’

3 months latter

Both companies are doing extremely bad and there is one new competitor who has come in..

Niya is retrospecting what went wrong..

She pens a thought ‘Intimate Hatred, nice for ego, bad for health, bad for life, bad for growth.. I learnt my mistakes 1 year latter.. Anyways let me start afresh’