Count down begins…

Count down begins..

HR ‘What is that? Are we going to drastically cut staff?’

CEO ‘Obviously.. 1/3.. All companies moving to fixed bid’

HR ‘It will create unrest in people’

CEO ‘Just tried but it failed.. we have become white elephant. need to have lean organization’

HR ‘Do you feel all start ups will face this crisis at some point of time in life?’

CEO ‘Depends.. If VC wants to exit successfully, company should grow.. More it grows, more it has overhead and then… one day.. same mess’

HR ‘Hence serial entrepreneurs keep selling of their company. they can manage well till max 50 resources and then.. let go the venture itself’

CEO ‘Am also starting a new venture.. I just want to get rid of this elephant’

HR ‘Plan to sell it off?’

CEO ‘Any takers? you want to take it?’

HR giggles

HR ‘Am only an employee’

CEO ‘Ok what is the list now..’

HR ‘From 12000, we are going to chuck 500’

CEO ‘Cool.. Don’t forget to add 1 more’

HR ‘Who is it?’

CEO ‘You are too costly.. need to replace you with someone cheaper’

HR face fallen ‘Why Sir?’

CEO ‘Am taking you in my start up as a co founder’

HR smiles again..

CEO ‘Happiness is like switch.. Sometimes it is on, sometimes off.. Depends on who handles the swwitch’

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