Reaching Heights

She moved to heights to find everything looked tiny below her…

As she traveled more heights.. those tiny items too vanished..

Cloud around.. Absolutely lost.. she kept aspiring to find a companion

She found a few stars looking at her.. and she wondered..

the galaxy has only few stars together as company..

She wished to move down.. but clouds drifted her further away

Alas now.. all alone.. She rose further.. All could see her…

but she was lost.. all alone… sad.. she wished someone could help her..

to be grounded.. She hoped she could crash land safely down..

She hoped the winds would move over her.. dropping her bit by bit..

and then one day.. she landed back to earth..

She felt what she observed at top was loneliness

What she observed at ground was stampede..

A stampede to reach to greater heights..

She wondered what was unique about this..

She realized the process of reaching to heights is a thrill

the process of reaching to rock bottom again a thrill

She realized what goes up will come down

Sometimes by force, some times by self..

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