John Baba ‘I hate this concept of back log as this is why we are in this cyclic process of life and death’

Melissa blinks her eyes.. She is John’s new secretary

John ‘Why you blink?’

Melissa ‘Sir.. if back log would not have been there.. i would never have met you’

John Baba ‘Melissa focus on salvation’

Melissa ‘Sir.. what should I do?’

John Baba ‘Meditate.. Meditate and only Meditate’

Melissa ‘Who will take care of me Sir.. Are you married?’

John Baba ‘This is madness.. Do you know am John Baba’

Melissa ‘Sir.. see you got angry now.. so now you may need to again be in that cycle of Life and Death’

John Baba begins laughing..

Melissa ‘Backlogs will exist.. We need to plan and close them.. or put them on hold’

John Baba ‘Who told you?’

Melissa ‘Some Scrum Master’

John Baba ‘Why cannot we implement it in Parliaments?’

Melissa ‘Good question Sir.. But am your secretary.. ‘

John Baba ‘Oh i forgot that.. let us get back to work. .and work sincerely’

Melissa smiles

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