Pappu loves Tea

Pappu is standing near a local road side tea shop

The water is boiling.. The tea leaves getting heated up.. Some clover.. and loads of milk and sugar…

Hot and boiling..

Pappu is happy.. now the tea is getting filtered..

Pappu gets a tea at only US$0.25 cents..

Pappu is sipping tea.. One old guy see’s him

Guy ‘One tea please’

Guy also sipping tea,,,

Guy ‘Can you set this up for me in Poland, Toronto and may be we can try in Detroit’

Pappu ‘Am BE Computers’

Guy ‘I will have your visa for US.. Just make tea and sell it.. Folks will love it’

Pappu ‘But am BE Computers’

Guy ‘Hence you will get visa.. but you may need to make tea there’

Pappu ‘Sir.. let me think over it.. How much will you pay me?’

Guy ‘US$60000 ..  Even if 1000 tea you make every day.. I get US$250 per day on you..  so i make a profit of over US$20000 on you for one location’

Pappu rushes back home and pens ‘Pappu.. Never knew loving tea means someone assume i can make tea.. but PAPPU CAN’T COOK SALA’

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