Dew Drops

A drop on a petal.. A drop on petal.. It all happened just a day back. Life was too perfect and then Rose vanished.. She was so caring, loving and passionate about her work.. What would have gone wrong…

Just 2 days back in a flower exhibition

Rose is arranging all the flowers.. Her mentor Rafiq looks at her lovingly..

Rafiq ‘Rose.. you arrange it so well. I love the way you retain those dew drops.. on those petals.. as you capture them so beautifully through your camera’

Rose ‘Rafiq Uncle..  Flowers never demand anything but a bit of water.. and they keep radiating in sunshine.. even fighting chilly winter unprotected.. unalarm..

Suddenly there are gun shots.. and Rafiq is dead.. and Rose is taken to Afghanistan..

Clueless in Russia, her search begins… Her family members fully shaken up…

Rose is dumped in a settlement where she finds solace in Saira a happy go lucky daughter of Aslam

Rose ‘Are you educated?’

Saira nods ‘No’

Rose ‘Am surprised education denied?’

Saira ‘Our tears drop.. like dew drops on our clothes and dry up too.. The only difference is the petals never have those traces of drop and look fresh with those drops and our clothes look stained with those drops.. ‘

Rose is sad..

Rose ‘Can i attempt to teach all of you?’

Aslam steps in..

Aslam ‘Who is Rafiq? How is he connected?’

Rose ‘He was just a care taker.. I also don’t know when he arrived’

Aslam ‘Do you know who he was?’

Rose ‘No?’

Aslam ‘A traitor who dis respected and fell in love with a russian girl.. so he deserved that..’

Rose ‘But he was alone… ‘

Aslam ‘We killed his wife 2 years back…. ‘

Rose ‘Who are you?’

Aslam ‘His brother.. ‘

Rose is shocked..

Aslam ‘Our goals are like the twigs in the Banyan Tree. Deep Rooted.. Our fundamentals are too strong that people end up calling us fundamentalists..

Rose ‘Uncle.. of what use is our life if we cannot be the banyan tree to support the birds, support the ones’ below us.. and protect them from misery..  I can teach Saira and make her come up in life’

Aslam puts revolver over Rose’s head

Rose ‘Uncle.. She is bright.. Let her learn the flower decorations.. It will help her prosper’

Aslam thinks over for few minutes..

Aslam puts rifle down..

Rose begins teaching Saira flower decorations

Aslam is amazed by Saira’s various style of decoration..

Saira is however sad..

Saira ‘All take only for burials.. No one takes for weddings here’

Aslam ‘Hey never let anyone know that you are an entrepreneur doing all this’

Rose ‘Of what use it is..? you are promoting me to do.. but am always threatened what if i will be abused?’

Aslam ‘Rose… i feel guilty to kidnap you.. One request.. can you take Saira with you… Will board both of you’

Rose ‘Sure Uncle’

Aslam ‘Both of you do something of your life.. I feel bad and hurt.. Am confused in fact.. Lost in some thoughts..

Stains of blood.. all over my shawl, my attire.. but I just cannot help.. Life is a battle.. and here we are just warriors and those heroin fields..

Aslam takes them to airport and leaves them for Moscow..

Next morning Aslam is questioned ‘Where is your daughter?’

Aslam is silent and just a gun shot.. and he looks at bright lights taking him up…

He looks at the light feeling relaxed…

The light looks at him and says ‘“The dew drops of Contentment, Hope, Trust, Willingness to submit to almighty.. ;

The light asks ‘Did i ever teach you anything wrong.. ‘

Aslam is pained..

Aslam ‘Forgive me for whatsoever I did.. Confusion and Unrest coupled with Poverty.. We are lost.. Hope light is bestowed in all of us’

Rose and Saira have set up a business and they have got funded.. too.. They do contract rose farming and sell flower decorations..  Aslam had ensured he transferred his entire earnings in name of Saira and hence the business got seed funded..

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