Boloji Influencer

“Speak up.. If you have any apprehensions, doubts.. Just speak up”  Jacob the new Project Manager addresses his team in startup…

Resource John ‘Sir.. there is absolutely no backup resources in our project..  No shadows’

Jacob ‘Startups never have shadows.. Hence there is always an acceptable risk’

Susan ‘Sir.. I plan to go on leave’

Jacob ‘I guess you no longer required in the company’

Till then one driver steps into the office

Driver Ramu ‘Boloji..  Boloji.. Jacob ke liye message’  (There is a message for Jacob’

Jacob is shocked…  ‘He reads the letter

‘Accommodate his wife in the startup..  I feel she can contribute’

Jacob turns to Driver and asks ‘What is your wife’s skillset’

Ramu  ‘  Muhe malum nahin..  Saab ka khayal rakhti hain.. unke ghar me.. ‘ (She takes care of your founder’s house’

Jacob ‘What she did?’

Ramu  ‘Java Ji.. Bolo ji’  (It is Java’

Jacob puts hand on his head ‘Susan.. stay back.. Let us work as team..  We have one more new member to this circus from tomorrow’

Ramu  ‘Chamo Ji’   Chamo is her name..

Jacob  ‘Let us welcome Chamo tomorrow’

At evening time Jacob discusses with his friend ‘Do you really feel jobs given on skillsets or influence’

His friend Ravi ‘Jacob in world we have Influencer category.. In world influential people can help anyone out so apart from skillset influencers also needed’

Ravi ‘In  India it is known as Jack.. They say  Jack hona jaruri hain kaam miljayega..  It means we need a jack to get job in an organization’

2 thoughts on “Boloji Influencer

  1. An interesting post, the power of influence over skills, I look forward to reading more from your blog

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