Roy was a freedom fighter who is in ripe old age.. His son Robert is a dean of college and Robert’s wife Jennifer is an entrepreneur. Robert’s daughter Melissa is learning architect and his son Andrew is a software engineer.

On Martin Luther King’s day Robert organizes a big bash. Back in India his friend Jawahar mentions that after a week India has Republic day…and he plans to organize a similar bash through Skye.

On Skype

Jawahar ‘I want to see Roy Uncle’

Robert ‘Sure’

Jawahar ‘I want to begin a sensitive topic for discussion.. and invite large community view point’

Roy ‘What is it about?’

Jawahar ‘Freedom’

Roy begins smiling proudly..

Roy ‘We fought for our country to get free’

Jawahar ‘Are you feeling we got freedom’

Roy ‘Yes for expression of speech however at individual levels we still remain caught in web of life’

Melissa ‘Grand pa.. i love my space.. I don’t like someone entering my space’

Andrew ‘For me freedom is liberty to work on any time zone, be flexible, have work from home routine and if nothing else we can become entrepreneur these days’

Jennifer ‘I want to free from shackles of materialism and move to path of spiritualism’

Robert ‘Freedom is a kingdom where King is replaced by Free and it means you can do anything and everything you like with no one questioning you.  Get to an unknown island and just freak out without getting worried about diseases, viruses, germs and eat what you like.. For 10 years Jennifer controls my diet ..  I hate it.. So what if i have high blood sugar’

Jawahar ‘Here in India, we still struggle to get free from each other.. We love to create more states.. More power struggles, More investments needed.. We also aspire to be free from debt..’

Roy ‘Dear all. We fought for a country and got classified as freedom fighters and I see all of my young family members struggle too. to be free from some or other shackles.. but at individual level.. so all of us are freedom fighters

Melissa begins laughing..

All begin laughing..

Robert ‘Hence my pop am proud of you.. You fought to save lives of a large community. We fight to save life of our own self’

Roy ‘Life remains same.. Only perception of freedom fighter has changed with time’


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