Clean Bowled

Joy saw the ball coming all over him and before he realized he was clean bowled.. A good cricketer, he struggled a lot to become visible. He had shown consistency in all the earlier matches for over 5 seasons but of late has a disturbed life.

His wife Rosy wants to move over to US and is determined to be an entrepreneur.

Rosy ‘I have for years waited for my turn.. You always led the way.. I basked in your glory.. Am getting an opportunity. My close friend Frieda has decided to sponsor her and together they plan to raise funds for a toy library concept..

Rosy ‘Joy.. come over to USA. In Sports life is less. You are out of shape..’

Joy ‘I will strike back’

Rosy ‘Keep trying.. I guess your time is up’

Next match, Joy again gets clean bowled..

Late night he reaches home fully drunk..

Joy ‘you will again laugh and mock me…’

Rosy ‘I have booked flight for US.. If you wish you can join us’

Joy ‘Am really confused.. 10 years back, i was clean bowled by you..when you loved me batting.. and today you don’t wish me to bat or be in that sport itself’

Rosy ‘Dear hubby.. millions would be playing cricket or watching cricket or any sports.. few make themselves up to mark, grow and build career..  we need to be practical.. No use fighting boards, trying to sustain self and may be get couple of earnings in brand endorsement. Where is the stability. Am using your money only hence surely you are my investor’

Joy hugs Rosy and has a drop of tear in eye ‘Loosing success and celebrity status is unnerving’

Rosy kisses Joy on his lips and whispers ‘Take a pen..declare you are retiring’

Next day Joy announces his retirement

a few months latter, Joy is smiling.. He has decided to own a US cricket club and is soon planning matches (County cricket)

Joy ‘Never knew cricket can become an opportunity for me in US’

Rosy ‘Joy.. opportunity exists when some one understands it is there in first place.. We cannot hang on to past success nor can we keep hoping we will succeed further in area where we are seeing failures too many times and we observe too many impediments.. Move on.. rule of game’

Joy ‘Rosy.. can we again go for honeymoon’

Rosy ‘No kid stuff soon ok.. be a good boy’

Joy ‘Am carrying condoms too’

Rosy ‘Am clean bowled now’

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