Performance Tuning

Nan was an Oracle DBA who wished to start a company specialized in performance tuning. Her friend Cathriene  felt together they can start a venture of PERFORMANCE TUNING for people..

Cathriene ‘What is performance tuning ?’

Nan ‘There are queries, there are search and then information comes in.. Check how google work and how fast it retrieves information’

Cathriene ‘Interesting. Imagine a person who feels is dipped in performance and we tune them to improved performance’

Nan ‘Sort of…’

Cathriene ‘so each individual identifies max 3 key words /(Key focuses) and specializes only on that for improved performance?’

Nan ‘yes it is similar to setting primary keys in a table of database. Unique key which identifies record of a table. example passport id, social security id (Some times they refer a unique too as all need not have passport)

Cathriene ‘Lol you teaching me ORACLE now’

Nan begins laughing

Cathriene ‘Let us shake hands.. Have identified a pain point.. each individual in life aspires to perform somewhere or other.. We develop model to boost performance’

3 months latter both get funded for their unique amalgamation of technology and people’

What is the model ‘Just choose one focus area and stay put on to it for 6 months and monitor performance’

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