Clever Idiot – A deeper Insight to benefit a Learning Student

This is response to a student’s response as to how ‘Clever Idiot’ benefits them…

  • if you look at the story from a perspective of student.. 1 student is going to a grave yard in search of success.. (logically it is the past.. it means we study what is documented, old theories, old everything.. and we keep praying for passing the exam.. the second student is like our alter ego which wants to commercialize what we have learnt and for that we convince and market ourselves in fron of potential employers and convince them that whatsoever we tell in interview is the only truth. sometimes we succeed and end up getting job or we loose.. Hence the story named Clever Idiot.. sometimes some one will perceive the story idiotic but it has deep insights into how we have to get to past to be in present and understand that from lessons of past we can make our present prosperous
    Please read CLEVER IDIOT to understand this writeup

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