Coy Look

Ceyne stood in front of mirror and wondered if she indeed can look coy in front of her boy friend…

Ceyne in front of mirror makes faces..

“Why am not blushing… if i think of my boy friend’..

Now she thinks of a celebrity hero…

“Still no blushes’…

Ceyne now tries to be shy in front of mirror.. but doesn’t work out..

Till then a voice is heard… ‘you look so beautiful and graceful

Ceyne suddenly feels a gush of warmth rushing her..

Ceyne is blushing..

She turns around to check who it is…

Nothing seen but the voice of an individual in youtube…

She begins giggling and decides to prepare for work..

She murmurs ‘For minute I thought had found my love

She is going to work and wonders why sometimes people drag onto relation without bringing back the zeal of love in life..

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