Choco Hooooooooo

Life was just perfect for entrepreneur Romeo and he was enjoying a happy bliss with Juliet…

Romeo ‘Juliet.. the world knows you as Julie and me as Ramu but for me you are Juliet’

Juliet ‘Love is madness. love is crazy and hope our chocolate manufacturing company grows in leaps and bound’

Romeo gets a call..

Romeo rushes to the nearest retailer in Glendale

Retailer ‘Sir.. it is shocking.. till now it is the 4th complaint’

Romeo ‘What is it?

Soon there is another call from other retailers…

Romeo ‘What happened?’

Retailer 2 ‘Sir.. the chocolates.. it is night mare ‘

Romeo ‘Why?’

Retailer 2 ‘Can you have one?’

Romeo  eats a chocolate.. ‘

Romeo ‘Ok guys.. let me understand what is the reason’

Retailer 1 ‘Sir.. you are doomed ‘

Romeo ‘Why?’

Retailer asks Romeo to see the mirror..

Romeo is horrified..

All the front teeth of Romeo is brownish.. black

Romeo rushes to gargle his mouth… and finds all his teeth gone black…

Retailer ‘Hope you realized the issue’

Romeo returns back..

Juliet hugs him and kisses his lips…

Juliet ‘This is bad.. today your mood is off.. I want french kiss’

Romeo hides his mouth and says ‘Ok not today’

Juliet pulls him to her.. and as she is about to kiss..Romeo.. she shrieks

Juliet ‘Romeo.. your entire teeth gone bad.. what is the issue’

Romeo ‘Will need to check with the production house’

Next day..

Romeo ‘Do you know … we are finished.. who made those batches’

John ‘Sir.. Tom was in that batch’

Romeo ‘Where is he?’

John ‘He left company 3 days back.. and never returned’

Romeo ‘What?’

John ‘He has put a permanent stain retainer.. ‘

Romeo ‘Why???  what could be the reason….’

John ‘Watch the news channel… today 8pm’

Romeo is sad, dejected and returns home

At 8pm, he finds Tom being awarded for Stain Remover.. for clean white teeth’

Romeo ‘He is mad.. Unethical.. Just to launch his new product, he pushed few batches with stain retainer’

John ‘yes…’

Romeo ‘Order those stain removers for all the folks who complained’

3 days later

Tom returns back to Romeo’s office

Romeo ‘This is bad.. i was almost gone to Jail.. luckily because of our market reputation.. we saved selves.. Have put very stringent quality checks from hence forth.. will ensure folks literally eat samples before packaging’

Tom smiles..

Tom ‘Chocolate Horror.. At least now globally folks will remember that Chocolates are culprits for black teeth’

Romeo ‘For decades, folks tolerated chocolates and never minded their teeth getting black.. even tolerated pains.. dentist business grew.. dental insurance came into picture and you say folks will fear and stop chocolates.. wait for 2 months’

2 months later..

Romeo calls Tom

Romeo ‘Stainless Chocolates.. my new product launch…’

Tom ‘Have also conceived a chocolate which is a lie detector.. if you eat it.. and you lied in last 24 hours.. your teeth will be stained black for a day..’

Romeo ‘Smart guy.. let us partner on that’

Tom ‘Sir.. hope you enjoyed the chocolate war fare’

Romeo ‘It was crazy… Choco Hooooooooooooooooooo..   Horror’

Statutory warning ‘Eating chocolates.. remember the horror around it :)’

Knight Syndrome

Alice is a nice girl but has been emotionally fooled so many times that she has begun calling herself as ‘Emotional Fool’. She is in  Germany pursuing her research on Entrepreneurship

Same holds true for Fred who is from US and has been emotionally fooled for at least 5 times and calls himself as ‘Emotional Entrepreneur’.

It so happens that in one of the summer

Dean ‘Welcome to the workshop on Entrepreneurship.. We greet Mr. Fred an investor who has seen ups and downs however few of his successful exits help him sustain and be motivated enough to invest more…. Give him a big clap’

Fred ‘All of you are in your final years of research and how many of you wish to be an entrepreneur’

To Fred’s surprise no one raises hands..

Fred laughs ‘So it looks like the scholars will only wish to study the trends and take up lecturing jobs.. No one wishes to dare’

All remain silent

Fred ‘Ok.. let us move to an interesting topic’

Fred ‘Knight Syndrome.. and its impact on entrepreneurship and human relationships’

All suddenly get attentive

Fred ‘How many have got emotionally fooled in this life time?’

All silent..

Fred see’s a reluctant half hand lifted

Fred ‘Who is it?’

Alice “Am Alice.. friends just keep asking me to help them’

Fred ‘Is it your friends who ask to help you or is it you who volunteers to help your friends’

Alice ponders.. and realizes her ex boy friend would always reach out to so many of her friends to help them.. and then the jealousy and possessiveness took over and she lost him.. and he too was a confused soul

Fred ‘Alice.. where are you lost’

Alice ‘I volunteer’

Fred ‘This is the most common problem of entrepreneurs and investors.. If they get emotionally attached to each other; both are heading to disaster’

Alice begins smiling..

Fred ‘Oh your smile is so sweet.. Give her a big clap’

Alice is surprised by this reaction but in heart enjoys the attention…

Fred ‘Entrepreneurs need to be detached to emotions and be focused on their product or service and be focused only on their singular family and that is balancing personal life and professional life.. How many of you agree?’

Fred see’s a few hands raised..

Fred ‘Wow.. interesting.. so all do not mind getting attached to a few colleagues , friend’s of theirs?’

Fred see’s lots of hand raised..

Alice’s hand too raised..

Fred ‘Alice.. on one side you say you have been fooled emotionally and on other side.. you do not mind again getting attached… ?’

A student Mike gets up ‘Sir.. we are not entrepreneurs.. we are researchers’

All beginning giggling..

Fred ‘Do be careful on Knight Syndrome where a boy or a girl get into habit of being Save our Soul operators for the opposite sex’

Fred ends his session with a big clap and giggles and laughter

After the session ends..

Alice walks to Fred

Alice ‘Sir.. Amazing… this is precisely what i feel am having.. Did you experience this syndrome self?’

Fred pauses and thinks ‘His last girl friend had asked him to transfer 100000US$ as her husband was not doing too well and she had to also visit her home town in China with her kids’

Alice ‘Sir.. you lost?’

Fred ‘I guess so.. I too am a victim of that syndrome’

Alice ‘Sir.. can we be friends?’

Fred ofcourse..

Alice ‘What is your skype id?’

Fred gives his skype ID..

3 days later

Mike ‘Hey see Alice.. am surprised… she is sitting with Fred and having dinner.. We just happened to get to this restaurant as many good looking girls visit this spot.. and’

Mike and his friends begin laughing..

Mike ‘Knight Syndrome at work’

All roar in laughter..

Two Pens

Two little Pens

Two little Pens

Blue for the right way

Red for the wrong way

Two little Pens

Two little Pens

All blue excellent

All red poor

A mix of two

A mix of two

A student still

A student still

Long way to go..

A bit of perfection

A bit of imperfection

Two little Pens

give Pains together

All blue wins

All red looses

Known No and Unknown Yes

If ever life gives you a surprise, remember it ‘Unknown Yes’. It means destiny wants you to accept that ‘YES’

If ever life gives you a jerk, remember it is a ‘Known No’. Stay away from the environment, people and all entities who gave you that Jerk.

John Baba has strange sense of philosophy

He feels that Life is all about being through process of Known No and Unknown Yes.

Do you wish to exert self? You do because you do not agree to Known No and Unknown Yes..

All your forces are put towards trying prove the hypothesis false..

What is Hypothesis?

It is an Assumption.. In research jargon a hypothesis.

John assumes  Known No and Unknown Yes Impacts Life. This is known as Null Hypothesis

If you disagree and apart from you many disagree, it means the hypothesis is rejected..

If you wish to prove that statistically.. enjoy statistical tools. and more on that.. 🙂

Magic Purse

The purse had only 50US$..

As Claudia was walking near down town, she was soon surrounded by a bunch of hooligans..

As the street was dark.. Claudia realized she had to let go what she had..

Claudia ‘Have a Magic Purse..  If you can bring 50$ every day to this purse, you will earn US$100 every day..

All the hooligans look at each other and begin laughing..

First person ‘Crazy stuff.. Don’t fool us’

Claudia ‘You need to first be tidy to ensure the magic purse gives results’

Second person ‘Ok.. we will keep the purse and game begins tomorrow’

Next morning.. Claudia meets them in same street

Claudia ‘Pick up most used items from 1$ stores for 20$’

All of them rush and get exact 20$ worth item..

Claudia ‘Go to the farthest garden where no such items will be available for miles and just sell them at 1.5$’

3rd person ‘Where?’

Claudia ‘Will give you the directions and am also coming to watch the fun’

All reach to the garden and soon they find themselves earning 30$…

All smile..

Claudia ‘Visit nearest 1$ shop and again experiment for 20$’

soon the hooligans get involved fully..

Claudia smiles.. at their involvement..

the first person ‘Who are you?’

Claudia ‘Not sure.. I had only 50$ left with me and was worried what will happen for rest of week. Am a school drop out and not also the owner of that house. Am just a help.. realized you guys would kill me.. so decided to offer you 50 but with a risk..  that let me initiate a business with you all’

second person ‘Oh Jesus.. this is sheer miracle.. the purse is magical.. we became small business men..’

Claudia ‘Joining the gang?’

All say ‘Cheers…’

Claudia ‘Sometimes some folks also need to work hard.. no magic in this business model.. but need careful analysis of consumption pattern’

3rd person ‘who taught you this?’

Claudia ‘My owners keep talking on consumers, sales etc.. not sure what they really do.. but caught the trick’


The more we are nimble the more we are appreciated.

What is being nimble?

Someone who is quick, light and intelligent to get to point easily…

In life many a time we may get nimble. unconsciously or consciously.. we need to keep close tab on those..

Henry ‘Hey.. why you suddenly begin walking fast in Airports or Railways Station.. relax’

Susan ‘Am paranoid of crowd… I wish to get into the vehicle soon’

Henry smiles ‘This is being nimble when you are scared’


Jose ‘Don’t be in so much hurry.. the movie is yet to begin’

Fred ‘No.. they have put the title ‘Don’t miss the beginning… hence…


Roy ‘We need to get a goal at any cost.. else we will loose.. entire team need to be swift’

Team members echo.. ‘yes.. and the game begins with rapid pace..

All team members running all over …and to everyone’s surprise no goal made..

After the match

Roy ‘I guess we were becoming too quick and in hurry.. you know what happened. Nimbleness is all about sharp and quick decision capabilities.. All of us got just crazy.. we were quick but….?’

All team members smile and echo ‘but fools’


Pappu ‘I have to be the first to give her rose on valentine day’

Mummy ‘I know you love her silently.. but does she ever understand’

Pappu ;’Will get recognition one day’

Pappu meets Riya

Riya ‘So again a rose.. you never forget to give me rose.. 5th year.. ever since I joined college.. and you decided to flunk too j’

Pappu ‘Not really. i was weak in Maths’

Riya ‘Be nimble dear.. declare I LOVE YOU.. don’t keep waiting..’

Pappu has smile on his face

Riya ‘Pappu you are too innocent.. any boy would have rushed and hugged me… Be nimble dear’


James ‘Am tired of this team.. so slow’

Team ‘We just cannot help .. too much complexity in design’

James ‘On one hand these accelerators want us to make presentations and then also show proof of concepts’

Mentor Samuel overhears and informs calmly ‘Entrepreneurs need to be nimble too’