Memory Leak

Mona is an expert developer and she is clear that if we allocate resources; after the resources utilized they need to be de allocated too.

Why this funda?

Robert is in love with his girl friend.. She has just left him for another guy..Robert is in pain, he is moving from one pub to other in search of peace.. His girl friend Sonia’s face keeps popping up..

He is in London and it is too cold.. He suddenly see’s a ping in whatsup

Mona ‘How are you doing.. Long time no see’

Robert ‘Not well..

Mona “Why?’

Robert ‘My girl friend left me’

Mona begins giggling

Mona ‘Memory leak occurs is memory doesn’t get freed in a heap.. Our brain needs to dellocate old bitter memories immediately… else even positive thoughts will get blocked’

Robert ‘You IT guys are emotion less. You can leave anything and everything.. Not loyal to one single entity’

Mona ‘What is the use of having multiple instances of same issue being bought to mind again..It blocks mind’

Robert ‘Good philosophy.. so if two people fight on same matter every day, that topic should be avoided for further discussions’;

Both smile..

Robert ‘Which part of country?’

Mona ‘Am now in Switzerland for a temporary assignment’

Robert ‘Great.. am in US.. friends here’

Mona ‘:)’

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