Am Defective

Humor looks at his face in mirror and finds he has a defective nose.. and on close observations finds his lips having a bit wear and tear..  Also he has piles…

Ravina who is his wife observes Humor..

Ravina ‘Why do you keep looking in mirror and finding faults in self’

Humor ‘Should I experiment with the laser therapy.. some cosmetic surgery.. The advertisements which I observe in metro trains really excite me’

Ravina ‘You also have tummy’

Humor ‘Precisely.. please if you allow me.. next month around US$1000 for all this ok’

Ravina ‘Am saving for our vacation trip and you..’

Humor ‘Please… that doctor seems to be good’

1 month latter

Ravina is shocked ..

Ravina ‘What happened to your nose?’

Humor ‘He felt this snubbed nose suits me.. so..’

Humor has tears in eyes

Ravina ‘Hey.. and your lips.. did you inject something.. so swollen’

Humor ‘Doctor felt it would give me a sexy look’

Ravina puts hand over head..

Humor ‘Am indeed defective now’

Ravina ‘I am there for you always dear.. promise next time you don’t experiment with your body’

Humor ‘Can we make a website to have people share their experiences and even highlight negative impacts of cosmetic surgery’

Ravina good idea…

3 months latter

Humor gets himself seed funded with a Herbal Medicine company for the project..

Humor ‘Ravina it at least gave me senses to think in right direction but i feel am loosing hair.. should I?’

Ravina puts finger on Humor’s pouted lips ‘Not again please’

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