5 Mantras for Success

Sir Dholakia said in a motivational speech

I didn’t study at all in school. School Dropout but hence I kept learning. Life is continuous learning

Whatsoever you do, do with heart.

Give with heart and not with mind

Take with thought and not with heart.

All don’t wish to give or keep thinking too much about self gain.. this is where failure comes in

Think of welfare of your own family, immediate employee families and life will be good, people will work harder for you..

It is not knowledge but your thinking power which plays great role in strategizaton of  a success story

God gave us everything but we never realize or acknowledge what is given to us already..



1) I am the best

2) I can do it

3) Almighty is with me always

4) I am the winner

5) Today is my new day

Salute to Sir with heart.

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