Entrepreneur Spirit

I can fail many times

I can risk many times

i can stumble over obstacles many times

But my spirit remains unshaken

unmoved with all the failures around

as am a positive thinker who believes

that if Sir Abraham Lincoln can be

President of a nation at an old age

why not i be a successful entrepreneur

as success doesn’t come at right age for

few but does come in abundance at old age

for many..

Am i an old person as of now.. No

my spirit is young, youthful, clean

and has loads of compassion in it..

PASSION is for all to see..

What is missing may be lady luck

who is too busy with all the crowd

which is wooing her.. so I

just have a small pen in my hand

a blog which i pen with a hope

that lady luck will one day

fall in love with me too..

Thinking Positive resolves most of the problem…

As a positive change facilitator the blog is an attempt to keep inspiring individuals to not loose hope and always begin a morning in fresh note…

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