Infectious Love

Joy ‘Jane I love you’

Jane ‘You are so devoted.. for past 1 year, i hear this record.. at least once day.. I don’t love you’

Joy ‘Jane I love you’

Jane is in love with with Robert for many years now..

One day Robert looks at Joy declaring ‘Jane I love you’

Robert ‘Jane who is he?’

Jane ‘A college topper but crazy about me.. but I am in love with you.. he doesn’t understand. You come too less to college to pick me up.. You will see him every day like this’

Robert ‘Why don’t you also say to him ‘I love you and let me check the reaction’

Jane ‘We should not play with his emotions’

Robert ‘Tomorrow i will be behind the garden.. but just do that’

Next day

Joy ‘I am in love with you’

Jane smiles and says ‘I think me too’

Joy hugs Jane insanely..

Jane has tears in her eyes..

She is lost in the embrace..

Robert smiles from the garden upwards..

‘I guess i was born to unite them.. She feels she loves me, but she is actually in love with Joy.. May be his continuous perseverance to love her.. paid him off’

Robert looks at the 365 odd rose flower vase at corners.. and looking closely he observes a sticker


Robert is amazed.. 365 rose vases with all type of roses….

Robert ‘What is that madness now’

Jane rushes to Robert and says ‘Did you see all.. What is your reaction?’

Robert ‘What are JOY LOVEBUDS’

Jane ‘He has started a flower export unit in my name.. JOY LOVEBUDS BITE JANE’.. He plans to include ‘BITE JANE’ once I am in love with him.. Absolutely crazy thought’

Robert ‘I will make that happen’

He brings her to Joy.. and whispers ‘All yours dear.. I promise.. i never had enough time for her too.. as am into hitech career.. you both look a couple’

Jane feels guilty.

Jane ‘Robert.. do you feel am in love with him?’

Robert ‘Love is Infectious.. His love infected you.. Now only love can cure it.. His love’

Jane looks at Joy..

Jane in tears ‘Joy why you did this to me.. I keep remembering only your face, your message, you irritate me.. but then..’

Joy hugs Jane..

Joy ‘love is madness..  Heart is Mad.. Love is crazy.. Love is infectious’

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