Manu a soap manufacturer comes up with an amazing innovation…

‘Without touching the body, the soap will extract all the dirt but just moving it over the body.. ”

In Pilot test it fails..

He decides to have the soap touch the body gently..  this time in pilot test it passes..

Bathe in just 4 glass of waters (equivalent to a 200 ml water can) with this soap… and fee fresh…

Next he comes up with a similar soap to wash clothes..

Again 200ml water can, 4 clothes can get washed…

All are surprised .. what could be the trick?’

Manu says it is under patent…

Jack the innovation funder visits Manu.. Jack is from US

Jack  ‘It does save a natural resource water.. hats of to you’

Manu ‘Sir…in our village because of water problems, we literally use to take bath using 200 ml of water so I decided to work on it’

Jack ‘What inspired you?’

Manu “PASSION, it is amazing.. I got trained on the Probing and Innovation by a rural school teacher and that is it”

Jack “Well done boy.. keep it up…  No point in having tub baths, shower baths, swimming pools etc when nearly 50% of world struggle to even drink water’

Manu ‘No Sir.. if water exist in abundance, let people enjoy water… This is for poorest or poor family solution”

Jack ‘Am proud of you.. you do not mind extravagance if water indeed exists..”

Manu ‘True sir as cost of logistic to move water container is also too high”

Jack ‘Am surprised you keep so close tab on water”

Manu “Survival for fittest”

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