Forced Commitment

Force commitment helps reduce overheads.

What exactly is forced commitment?

It is used to commit a corrupt transaction or in doubt transaction..

What is its significance in entrepreneurship?

Meli “You used the money for a group trip to La Vegas.. What if investors realize that you are wasting funds”

Bob “Meli, I know you are efficient accountant; can you manage it?”

Meli “Bob, you founded this company but I got in this company as I love you.. Can you leave your wife and be with me?”

Meli comes closer to Bob

Bob “If you wish to whistle blow and feel I will stop getting funds.. then what….”

Meli smiles and says “Did I ever black mail you.. You are smart as always”

Bob hugs Meli and whispers “Forced Commitment”

What is its significance in human relationship?

  • Edward “I am going to leave you forever as I found you guilty of cheating”
  • Louisa “I was just about to nominate you for my property.., and you leaving me?’
  • Edward has surprised happiness in his eyes..
  • Edward “I think I am committed to you still “

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