Stupid Boy

Boy ‘Why is it that donkey’s slog and monkey’s are considered smart’

Teacher ‘Because monkey imitates all.. We too are monkey’s. Monkey’s are born intelligent’

Boy ‘Why am I not intelligent?’

Teacher ‘Because you don’t concentrate’

Boy ‘Why do you make us carry so much load of bags like donkey’s do?’

Teacher is a bit annoyed

Boy ‘Why do you carry only a chalk when you come to teach us and also a hand written paper and just read that out’

Teacher is fuming

Boy ‘Intelligent monkey’s only imitate.. hence we students have to do the same and we copy in exams’

Teacher just pounces on Boy and holds his ear

Boy ‘Did Head Mistress too held your ear hence you imitate?’

Teacher slaps the boy ‘You stupid boy.. making fun of me’

Boy ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you teacher.. If you are angry and i imitate your anger, will i be intelligent?’

Teacher is speechless

Boy ‘So are certain humans meant to be like donkey’s only?’

Teacher puts hand on her head

The bell rings and all the students rush out..

Teacher pauses and smiles and murmurs ‘He is intelligent.. As humans we work so much hard to ensure no one copies us; we wish to be original.. we love imitations but if someone goes ahead of us; we don’t like us..’

A great Entrepreneur said ‘More entrepreneurship will come only if entrepreneurs don’t curb wings of earlier one’s and become competitors’  What a contradictory thought..

Does it mean if some well established business man has diversified into all segments other should not attempt starting their venture in same field?

Stupid Boys are ones who love imitation and they become successful too and Discovery theories of Entrepreneurship is focused on franchisee model, replication model and so on..  So keep discovering successful entities for imitation too

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