2 Piece

Lovely made a pitch on Monday Morning to the Investors

‘2 piece suits for pet dogs and pet cats.. Branded 2 Piece’

Investor Lobo was pretty impressed..

Lovely showed  dogs and cats clothed..

A curious Investor Cheskow asked ‘why 2 piece?’ ‘Why not full clothes?’

Lovely ‘It is to co brand with lingerie companies…

So with every lingerie and vest sales; 2 piece available in only US$0.50

Lobo is reeling with laughter and amazed..

Lobo ‘What is your business model?’

Lovely flashes her eye lashes and pouts her lips and rattles out statistics

Dogs = 69 Million

Cats = 74 Million

Birds =  3 Million

Horses  1.8 Million

Before anyone could say anything..

Lobo ‘Am approving this business..  Even if other investors are not agreeing’

Lobo ‘Who gives such crazy ideas?’

Lovely flashes her eyes and loudly ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK.. ‘

Lobo ‘Does PASSION FRAMEWORK keep churning out such crazy dimensions’

Lovely ‘Not sure.. but it addresses life of entrepreneur.. Love, Horror, Comedy, Social Environment and they do wish that some day some generous folks would give the framework funds for more success.. However if nothing comes out; still happy as only PASSION drives motivation to spread entrepreneurship concept in entertaining way’investors

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