Mosquitoes or Swamp…

Cleaning the Swamp is more important or Killing the Mosquitoes?

This was the topic of debate in a management school..

Arif ‘Swamp’

Moses ‘Mosquitoes’

Susan ‘Swamp’

Moses ‘Mosquitoes’

Rakhee ‘Mosquitoes’

Teacher intervenes  ‘Mosquitoes score 3, Swamp 2′

Majority say kill the mosquitoes and they are also right..

Mosquitoes are carriers or agents of diseases so we need to kill mosquitoes and then clean the swamp

In any system in this earth; the agents who spread diseases need to be killed first; all will be fine then’

All students clap and then the teacher comes up with another question

What is repellent ?

All echo ‘One who resists’

Teacher ‘It means just spraying repellents is not lasting solution to problem.. you need to keep doing it every day , every week till mosquitoes vanish’

Teacher ‘So today I talk of this and tomorrow you will forget will not a solution’

Till then a mosquito sits over Teacher’s head..

All begin laughing…

Teacher ‘This is the problem.. We never try to resolve a problem.. We either laugh or make fun of people who are in problem… ‘

Teacher slaps his head and kills the mosquito

Teacher ‘No other lessons or takeaways today.. you know what is best for you’

Next day the students gift teacher a card with ‘BIG SORRY’

Teacher smiles and acknowledges the card

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