Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything unifies fundamental interactions of nature. gravity, strong and weak link interactions and electromagnetism.

What is its relevance to Entrepreneurship..

A fundamental truth – What rises will fall for sure..

So either you stay grounded (Gravitation)

or you have some external forces over you to keep you float at top (ElectroNuclear force)

To be grounded, you need to look at all aspects of universe and put yourself in shoe of every type of community (Standard model of Cosmology)

To have external forces over you, the power influences to be for more time at top, we need to understand key players in that environment who have influences over many to help us be floating at top for more time (Standard model of particle physics)

Now comes the strong links and weak links, strong interactions and weak interactions (Electro Magnetism) where an Entrepreneurs needs to emerge magnetic and influence many , convince many and delight all stake holders and be a shining light.


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