Mature love

LOVE CAN HAPPEN MANY TIME.. FOR ONLY ONE REASON – It too needs to get mature with period of time.

All shoe off the preacher

The preacher says ‘Don’t we sell companies.. and make new ones?’

All silent

The preacher ‘Don’t you feel you first loved your parents then you forgot them over period of time and began loving your boy friends and girl friends’

All silent

The preacher ‘Maturity demands for practice hence don’t ever tell to anyone ‘I LOVED ONLY YOU and no one else as the next love for all you know may just be waiting for you”

Hence a great teacher shows a solution through ILLUSION. He advocated PASSION FOR DETACHMENT

All look at the preacher and say

‘This is absolutely jerky news after Valentine day’

Preacher ‘Love faithfully be committed but never go overboard in emotions.. else you may soon begin loosing everything’

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