Film Director Raj has a severe block in his mind. His formulae movies begin with

1) chase

2) introduction of characters and a bit of humor

3) a flask back (a love or action)

4) suspense twist


5) humor

6) suspense twist

7) story culmination

8) climax

What can he do in this to make his movie block buster? he keeps wracking his head but he has done it all.. 7 continuous hits..   He decides to pen book on Formula Movie Making and targets budding directors / editors to read it

His book becomes best seller and Director Raj smiles…

He wonders why in Hollywood they don’t include dancing to move story forward like in India..

He decides to write another story ‘Dancing Movies ‘ which explains the essence of dancing and songs in moving Movie forward…  He gets a thumps up from all budding singers, musicians in US…

Film Director RAJ is now a days knows more for his books too apart from his block buster formula movies.

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