Piggy Ride Success

Rob was an ace industrialist who was into SME companies promotion. He was focused on creating Socio Economic Zones in all developing countries. He trusted his secretary Lard to do all the deal. Lard was a very shrewd bargainer and would negotiate for all deals.. till one day

Rob ‘Lard.. am surprised the way you manage all deals. We are in over 40 countries and have over 2000 manufacturers , IT companies in housed.. and I always see a good nice canteen of a particular vendor just in a close by land.. Not that I don’t mind it but why only that vendor’

Lard ‘Sheer coincidence.. Let me look into it’

Rob ‘After 40 countries.. I don’t feel it is coincidence.. You are the only person who knows the deals soo’

Lard ‘Ok I give up.. It is my lands and the canteen run by me only’

Rob ‘Lard you could have told me.. Why you remained silent’

Lard ‘Each company in this world makes 10-20 page employment agreements and it says No COMPETE.. Non Disclosure etc so I got scared.. I will loose the job’

Rob ‘I realize the fear we put in people. On one side we say we promote entrepreneurship and on other side our own employees scared but doing side business’

Lard ‘I used to purchase land at cheap rate but never cheated you.. and from my bonus would build canteens. All canteens are not concrete.. so costed me max US$5000 so..’

Rob ‘Great. piggy ride entrepreneur.. but you are successful.. I am happy for you..  We investors never think from heart.. and always are selfish.. You made me realize that all agreements are pieces of tissue papers if intent is bad or somewhere we don’t give growth to our staff

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