Borrowed Mike

She is silent but effective

Am her spokesman most of the time

I am her borrowed Mike as she just doesn’t wish to communicate

She just cannot express self, so i help her voice reach all.

Why she doesn’t wish to improve her communication?

Shyness as she was so used to speaking vernacular language

Now she feels guilty when she finds her messy english being butt of all jokes

I too am not so perfect but at least i attempt…

John writes this piece of note in his diary and pens his beloved lover Zia’s name..with a ?

Zia, a chinese model with sweet smile, so beautiful that anyone will give right hand or left hand to be with her.. But alas studying in vernacular school she is shy to communicate in English

John has been hired by her as a spokesman as Zia is an ace business woman and her handicrafts are a rage..

John loves her silently.. and feels love doesn’t need any language but can be conveyed through body language..

John sleeps and wonders will this love story ever move…

6 months latter.. as he is preparing a seminar for Zia..

She comes close to him as he is all alone late night and shyly says ‘you love me?’

John is clueless and without realizing says ‘No’

She is sad a bit.. and John wakes up to realize the blunder and says

‘Am your borrowed Mike and Mike had a problem.. Am all yes for you’

She says ‘So now onwards you are not borrowed but permanent mike for me”

She hugs John and caresses his hair lovingly.

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