Convince Me for Funds

Rat is nickname of Mr Ratnaratna . Means Precious..   He is an Investor with a one liner ‘Convince Me for Funds’

He is invited to an accelerator and finds all the budding entrepreneurs having standard template for presentation..

He looks at the accelerator founder and smiles..

“How many days did you train them?  4 weeks?”

The founder is surprised by this question.. Founder Harris has been a very close friend of RatnaRatna and never accepted this question..

Harris ‘They have been on proof of concepts for over 10 weeks and then may be 3 weeks for fine tuning their business model’

RatnaRatna “Do you feel business models really can be too different from so many others.. Is it not borrowed one?”

The entrepreneurs are dumb struck. They realize how they were searching furiously competitor models, may be in some country business models and so on

RatnaRatna ‘Funds never come easily.. Realize each money is hard earned.. Who is willing to among you guys .. willing to market the products”

All silent.. They realize their marketing team member are also freshers with no market experience or too seniors’

RatnaRatna ‘Never go to much over board on product development.. For change we need folks who can market too”

Founder Harris gives a big clap.. and addresses the entrepreneurs

“Hope you loved his sense of humor.. Let us begin the pitch event”

RatnaRatna smiles… and whispers in Harris’s ear “You know how to convince these youngsters and join you..  we need quality.. bring in quality soon.. else next time will stop coming”

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