Junk Fashion Designer

She is amazing.. She is good… Sona has a knack to make an ordinary person look amazing in simple ward robes designed tastefully using multicolor compositions.

Her idea of introducing fashion retailing is through bringing innovations in dresses.

Sona ‘Let us have a flower theme in case it is for valentine days and fruit theme if if is for food festivals.. I want to launch fashion outlets for youngsters where they pay around 20$ and fashionable clothes.. warranty only 1 month..’

Rice ‘Excellent proposal.. we need to import materials from developing countries.. It should click well. ‘

Sona ‘We need loads of fake ornaments, earrings, nose rings and so ;

Rice ‘At what price?’

Sona ‘Less then 5$’

Sona ‘Perfumes too less then 5$’

Sona ‘In 30$ a new fashion can be launched’

Rice ‘When to launch it?’

Sona ‘It should happen soon… I guess college kids will love it.. ¬†Imagine a loose clothing about with tight jeans.. and just red earrings and red necklace with red lipstick. Am sure the girl will be chased by every guy in the road’

Rice begins laughing

Rice ‘I love your passion’

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