Apologies for everything

“Apologies for everything..

The harsh words, the nasty emails.. the tough work..

The bitter truths and the stingy approach…

All it was done to make you succeed..

Few years ago.. no one liked us..

Last year when our entrepreneurs got appreciated..

We got in demand for our toughness..

Our accelerator demands discipline

Hope all understand this thoroughly”

James looks at this message and looks at Ram

James ‘It looks scary to get into this accelerator’

Ram ‘They don’t cheat folks.. but want the best hard work and sincerity to be visible’

James ‘Why are they so harsh?’

Ram ‘To help entrepreneurs realize the value of money.. If someone is paying an entrepreneur a big ticket.. It is not directly given but through a VC house which again is only managing money for a broking fee. Someone else’s money.. Hard earned..  The VC houses will get ruthless over period of time’

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