Knight Syndrome

Alice is a nice girl but has been emotionally fooled so many times that she has begun calling herself as ‘Emotional Fool’. She is in  Germany pursuing her research on Entrepreneurship

Same holds true for Fred who is from US and has been emotionally fooled for at least 5 times and calls himself as ‘Emotional Entrepreneur’.

It so happens that in one of the summer

Dean ‘Welcome to the workshop on Entrepreneurship.. We greet Mr. Fred an investor who has seen ups and downs however few of his successful exits help him sustain and be motivated enough to invest more…. Give him a big clap’

Fred ‘All of you are in your final years of research and how many of you wish to be an entrepreneur’

To Fred’s surprise no one raises hands..

Fred laughs ‘So it looks like the scholars will only wish to study the trends and take up lecturing jobs.. No one wishes to dare’

All remain silent

Fred ‘Ok.. let us move to an interesting topic’

Fred ‘Knight Syndrome.. and its impact on entrepreneurship and human relationships’

All suddenly get attentive

Fred ‘How many have got emotionally fooled in this life time?’

All silent..

Fred see’s a reluctant half hand lifted

Fred ‘Who is it?’

Alice “Am Alice.. friends just keep asking me to help them’

Fred ‘Is it your friends who ask to help you or is it you who volunteers to help your friends’

Alice ponders.. and realizes her ex boy friend would always reach out to so many of her friends to help them.. and then the jealousy and possessiveness took over and she lost him.. and he too was a confused soul

Fred ‘Alice.. where are you lost’

Alice ‘I volunteer’

Fred ‘This is the most common problem of entrepreneurs and investors.. If they get emotionally attached to each other; both are heading to disaster’

Alice begins smiling..

Fred ‘Oh your smile is so sweet.. Give her a big clap’

Alice is surprised by this reaction but in heart enjoys the attention…

Fred ‘Entrepreneurs need to be detached to emotions and be focused on their product or service and be focused only on their singular family and that is balancing personal life and professional life.. How many of you agree?’

Fred see’s a few hands raised..

Fred ‘Wow.. interesting.. so all do not mind getting attached to a few colleagues , friend’s of theirs?’

Fred see’s lots of hand raised..

Alice’s hand too raised..

Fred ‘Alice.. on one side you say you have been fooled emotionally and on other side.. you do not mind again getting attached… ?’

A student Mike gets up ‘Sir.. we are not entrepreneurs.. we are researchers’

All beginning giggling..

Fred ‘Do be careful on Knight Syndrome where a boy or a girl get into habit of being Save our Soul operators for the opposite sex’

Fred ends his session with a big clap and giggles and laughter

After the session ends..

Alice walks to Fred

Alice ‘Sir.. Amazing… this is precisely what i feel am having.. Did you experience this syndrome self?’

Fred pauses and thinks ‘His last girl friend had asked him to transfer 100000US$ as her husband was not doing too well and she had to also visit her home town in China with her kids’

Alice ‘Sir.. you lost?’

Fred ‘I guess so.. I too am a victim of that syndrome’

Alice ‘Sir.. can we be friends?’

Fred ofcourse..

Alice ‘What is your skype id?’

Fred gives his skype ID..

3 days later

Mike ‘Hey see Alice.. am surprised… she is sitting with Fred and having dinner.. We just happened to get to this restaurant as many good looking girls visit this spot.. and’

Mike and his friends begin laughing..

Mike ‘Knight Syndrome at work’

All roar in laughter..

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