Family Matters

In a far off town in Japan.. there is Nao, a middle aged person who has lost his  family in the recent Nuclear Leak..

Nao looks at the water and remembers the struggle… For at least a week, no help coming from all corners….

Nao ponders.. ‘Is life all about saving self or family or community or universe or is it about protecting self or family or community or universe?’

He gets a call from Journalist Keiko and Mary a french journalist who are making a documentary ‘AFTERMATHS’

Nao ‘Sure.. I will be available for the interview’

2 days later

Keiko ‘Sir.. how are you feeling today ?’

Nao ‘Am fine’

Mary ‘What happened? Why it happened?’

Nao ‘I believe you all are aware about Fukushima.. Radiation exposure’

Mary ‘I want to know why? why so much stress on Nuclear?’

Nao ‘It is the only safe energy and by 2100 only two energy sources will be left.. coal and nuclear’

Nao ‘It doesn’t release carbon dioxide or sulfer dioxide or nitrogen dioxide ‘

Mary ‘But the disaster?’

Nao ‘Unavoidable accident.. ‘

Mary ‘Do you feel your family would have regretted having you worked in those reactors’

Nao smiles

Nao ‘They are up above.. Nuclear energy is all about holding neutrons and protons together. In fission neutrons are released and in fusion two nuclei can combine to make a bigger one’

Mary ‘All bouncers.. explain it in terms of lay man terms’

Nao ‘My son.. Naruki he was so positive.. My wife.. she was also so positive.. and me I was neutral..’

Mary ‘What was your wife’s name?’

Nao smiles and says ‘common name…Keiko’

Keiko ‘Sir is it so? my name?’

Nao ‘yes’

Nao ‘In family some will have positive energies.. they are protons and some will be neutral like me and we are neutrons’

Nao ‘Our mass is almost same.. Me, My wife and Son..’ So together we made a nucleus

Nao ‘But do you know what.. in any relation at times negative energies crop up’

Mary ‘yes… it is true’

Nao ‘Electrons are negative energies.. negligible mass but keep moving out of Nucleus’

Nao ‘So any family need to realize negative energies will keep floating around your nulceus.. how we safeguard positive energy is important’

Nao ‘So Atom is nothing but addition of proton and neutron and also electron ‘

Mary ‘Are you not contradicting’

Nao  ‘Dear Nucleus form central part of atom.. so who are our electrons.. Our negative energy relatives, friends, colleagues and so on’

Nao ‘It is a big whole family.. and if a atom begin loosing negative energies.. they are known as positive ION’

Keiko ‘It is beautiful.. you are teaching nuclear energy through family ?’

Nao ‘Family energy is nothing but collection of positive, neutral and negative influences.. so it is important how you make your nucleus stronger..’

Mary means?’

Nao ‘ Protons and Neutrons.. .. Positive energies needed in abundance’

Mary ‘And Aftermaths?’

Nao ‘Smiles..’

Mary ‘Sir explain please’

Nao ‘Stable Nucleus or stable family means you need positive and neutral influences equal and Unstable Nucleus may result when positive and neutral influence not equal’

Mary ‘Means’

Nao ‘My wife and my son’s positive energy = My neutral energy so we were balanced’

Mary ‘But both of them gone’

Nao ‘So am imbalanced today’

Mary ‘means’

Nao ‘I am releasing negative energies more.. Am beta ray.. Electrons get released.. Negative energies’

Mary ‘had you expired?’

Nao ‘May be ,more positive energies would have got emitted from my wife and kid.. as they were positive.. Alpha ray’

Nao ‘Gamma ray are whatsoever electro magnetic energy left emitted’

So all energies released from imbalance are like radioactive emission and you know what will happen’

Mary ‘what?’

Nao ‘releasing more positive energies means folks will become investors, donors, contributors to universe’

Nao ‘releasing negative energy means folks will be detached, depressed, sad.. and unhappy or can create terrorists’

Mary ‘What are the takeaways’

Nao ‘For any successful family affair.. remember that it is not necessary to have only positive forces, neutrals too will be needed.. Means for a family success we do need a few flexible family members too they are the neutrons’

Mary ‘What if non flexible and all positive?’

Nao ‘All will get separated soon.. Divorces, Separations but at individual level still all will be successful’

Keiko ‘What if all are flexible?’

Nao ‘All will get fooled soon.. so may stay in poverty.. may not have grown too successfully and may be down to earth .. 🙂 most of our poor community and middle class community are neutrals’

Nao ‘So you know what happens to them.  I too am Neutron only.. explained previously’

Mary is amazed..

Mary ‘You are brilliant’

Nao ‘Am not brilliant.. Am a hard worker who believes first understand fundamentals.. everything will go proper if we do understand the basics’

Nao ‘Dear.. Matter is collection of atoms. So Family Matters is collection of all sub families within a family eco system. It is molecule

Mary ‘but what about collection of families with different nulceus combination’

Nao ‘Compound.. Hence as an example.. I can say Japanese group and US group together would be a compound.. Both have different culture.. different thought process’

Nao ‘Hence good souls say.. Do not fight.. Have peace.. Water is the best example of being a compound’

Mary ‘Sir.. you are genius.. thanks for explaining everything’

Nao ‘Peace.. Peace and More Peace.. Life is all about balancing.. Hope all learn from this’

Mary ‘Where did you get this knowledge’

Nao ‘Acquired.. read and of course this blog PASSION FRAMEWORK…  it does attempt to bring in relevance of theories back to human.. Entertainer it claims.. not sure what is it  but it does my heart.. do read it at times when you feel lonely or when you feel too energetic.. or whatsover’

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