A good suite and smart shirt and trousers and boots with a dash of perfume.. and neatly placed hair..

Joy is attending an interview for a CEO’s position in a MNC

Next to him is Robert.. a bit unclean, cramped clothes, wavy hair…

Both get into a conversation..

Robert ‘For which position have you applied?’

Joy ‘CEO’

Joy ‘you?’

Robert ‘CEO’

Both begin laughing..

Robert ‘I feel this company will hire you.. Where were you working’

Joy ‘Am working at Startups focused on health data.. look after marketing’

Robert ‘Am the data analytic specialist. you would have read my book? ‘

Joy ‘No’

Joy is called for the interview… After 1 hour, he comes out happy..

Robert ‘Do I really have to go in?’

Joy ‘Not sure.. hope to see you again’

Robert enters the interview room and after 2 hours , he too comes out happy.

1 month later

Andrew ‘guys have to make a great announcement.. We have identified a CMO and CTO for our startup.. Joy and Robert.. welcome to board’

Andrew ‘I will continue to be CEO till we identify one’

Andrew ‘Packaging is all about having right team mix to make venture successful’

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